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Technology and Weddings

Technology & Weddings Technology and weddings can go hand in hand! Why not incorporate technology into your wedding? Technology is ingrained in our everyday lives from Skype, text, apps, hashtags, and smartphones. From a live broadcast feed of your ceremony on Skype to displaying your vows on a screen whilst reading them from your iphone, these are just some of […]

Tipping your Vendors

Tipping your Vendors As a bride-to-be, you’re completely immersed in the wedding planning gamut. But what about tipping your vendors? You’ve read opinions from experts to former brides turned wedding planners to the noteworthy sites for checklists, plans, and inspired ideas for our big day. Tipping your vendors is a personal expression of gratitude for services delivered graciously, […]

Unwanted Guests

Guests You Don’t Want to Invite…But Should There will always be those unwanted guests that you are obligated to invite to the wedding. If you are receiving financial assistance from your parents or future in-laws- expect this situation to pop up, maybe more than once. However, there are just some people you will have to learn […]

Break the Rules

Rules Are Meant to be Broken There are many rules and traditions that couples can choose to follow….or not. You can break the rules and it could end up being the best thing you did. Here are a few traditions that you can tweek to your liking. 1) It’s Bad Luck to See Each Other […]

Wedding Theme

How Important is a Wedding Theme? To answer the question in the title; in one world- very, very important! The theme of your wedding pretty much dictates a lot of your day. It’s based on what type of couple you truly are–traditional versus non-traditional. Choosing a preppy theme versus a Halloween party versus a British […]

Muslim Wedding

Muslim Wedding Traditions Muslim couples plan weddings which reflect their unique cultural backgrounds. Muslim marriages throughout North America often reflect the diversity of the Muslim population. In the United States, only about 19 percent of Muslims are African American or Anglo American. The rest are immigrants or people with family ties to the Arabworld, South Asia, Iran, sub-Saharan […]

Interfaith Weddings

Interfaith Weddings: Tips and Recommendations We’re a melting pot of different ethnicities, cultures, races, etc. and it only seems fitting to intertwine these traditions be included in your wedding day. Interfaith weddings are a wonderful way to bring together not only yourselves but your cultures and religion too.  Whether it’s a prayer or dance, these […]

Green Gables inspired

How many brides can remember Anne of Green Gables? The books, the movies? The cute little red head with a vivid imagination, Anne, can give us a few lessons for weddings! Her muse is chock full of romantic ideas, elegant parties and big fashion. Prince Edward Island can be great inspiration for your vintage or […]