Give Thanks To Mom

Give Thanks to Mom

Give Thanks to Mom

Weddings are a source of those kick up your heels, ice cream cones in summer feelings but they also impact each person differently. Emotions run high and low for each person contributing to the wedding – from the mother of the bride to the flower girl.

While, you as the bride, are the crowning centerpiece of the whole affair, it might be wise to take some time out and understand what your wedding means to others in your life. Take a few minutes to thank your mother for giving up so much of her time to help you plan for example. For a mother it’s that bond that seemed so unshakeable has now been fragmented and she sees her little girl moving on in life without her. Mothers of the bride are often emotional but instead of thinking of it as another thing gone wrong, try to see it as she cares for you deeply.

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Maybe it’s not a mother, perhaps it’s a father who raised you or a grandparent. As much as they’ve all tested your new husband to be, it might be worth your while to give them some reassurance during this hectic time. You’re still the same person they love and will remain that way despite the cake being chocolate when you wanted vanilla. No one will be happier for you on your big day than those who raised you to become the beautiful, elegant bride you are!

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As in most weddings, melt downs tend to happen at any given moment. Don’t let them ruin the day or your wedding planning. Take deep breaths and understand that marriage isn’t just one day – it is a lifetime of commitment. Those people who care about you know this and take it as a sign of good faith that they care enough to be invested. Of course, there are lines that if crossed, the bride has every right to stop the show and demand it be carried on her way!

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