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Today we have a few wedding dress shopping tips for you eager brides! We all have that crystal image in mind of the bride going to the dress store and adored by everyone around her. Let’s stop the dress shopping fantasy right now. While dress shopping can be fun, exciting and inspiring we have some cautionary tips so you don’t get disappointed!

First, wedding dress shopping is tiring – exhausting even. We recommend limiting appointments to 2-3 per day. That way you’ll have time to try on all the dresses you want and not feel rushed. Trust us, it’s a little like mall shopping except you can’t exactly return your wedding dress as easily!

Second, the dress you dreamed off might not be the one you find is the best! We’re sure you have dreamed of the perfect ball gown with poofy skirts and tulle but once you try one on it may not be what you want. The puff may not flatter your body or the accents might be wrong. We recommend listening to the professionals even it seems they’re crazy bringing you a mermaid cut dress. Just try all on all options and you might be surprised!

Third, you don’t have to buy accessories all at once when dress shopping. It might be tempting once you have the dress to get the shoes, veil, belt, or any other accessories right away. But, let yourself breathe and shop around. You might even be able to get the accessories cheaper somewhere else. Sometimes the veil is complimentary with the dress and that’s great if it’s the one you want! But if it’s not quite right keep your eyes open.


Wedding dress shopping should be fun for you not like pulling teeth. Enjoy the process of trying on beautiful dresses!

Avoid Wedding Dress Drama

There’s nothing more fun that being waited on hand and foot, getting all dolled up, and receiving adoration from everyone around you, but believe it or not, wedding dress shopping isn’t always as enjoyable as it should be. Avoid wedding dress drama by following these helpful tips:

1. Give Yourself Ample Time: Most wedding dresses need to be ordered, shipped, altered, and fitted multiply times before your big day, so don’t wait too long to start shopping. Even wedding warehouse stores typically don’t carry every size on hand and have to order gowns, which can take months to arrive. Start your wedding dress shopping shortly after getting engaged to eliminate added stress of difficult time constraints.

2. Come Prepared: When you head out for a day of bridal dress shopping, bring along various undergarment options to accommodate differing necklines. Nude or white lingerie is recommended so leave your hot pink skivvies at home. Also, be sure to bring along a pair of heels the same height that you plan to wear on the wedding day. It also doesn’t hurt to brush on a little make-up ahead of time so you look and feel your best.

3. Bring a friend (or ten): Wedding dress shopping is a great opportunity to bond with your mom, sister, future mother-in-law, bridesmaids, or a beloved relative, so don’t be afraid to invite someone along. Plus, you’ll most certainly want (and need) the advice and opinion of a trusted pal. In an effort to truly eliminate drama, be sure to only invite individuals who will be encouraging and supportive.

4. Shop Around: Choosing a wedding dress is like choosing a fiancé: you don’t just say yes to the first one you see. Be sure to check out several bridal shops in your area to get a grasp on various options, styles, and prices. Be sure to visit Veiled in Elegance.

5. Try Anything: You might have a specific idea of what you want in a bridal gown, but could be blown away by something totally different. Be willing to try on a variety of styles, designs, and cuts to find the perfect dress for you.

6. Don’t Forget Accessories: When trying on dresses, be sure to pair them with differing headpieces and veils to find the right look and bring along jewelry as well to get a feel for the overall look.

7. Stick to the Budget: Most likely, the purchase of your wedding dress will put a significant dent in your budget, but be sure to stick to the number you determined was appropriate. And don’t forget to anticipate additional costs that might arise like expedited shipping (if you broke tip #1), veil/headpiece (see tip #6), shoes, lingerie, or alterations.

8. Think It Over: Don’t feel pressured by pushy sales reps or your own wedding excitement. When it comes to making the dress decision, you should give yourself a day or two to think about your decision. Avoid making a rash mistake by allowing yourself some time to sleep on it.

9. Take Photos: As you give yourself time to ponder the decision, snapping a few digital images might help. If you’re undecided between two gowns, reviewing the dress from different angles or showing pics to a friend can help you decide which one looks best.

10. Schedule Fittings: You’ll need a couple of dress fittings before the big day to ensure that the dress is tailored to perfection. If you’re using a seamstress at the bridal boutique, book your appointments on the day you order your dress to ensure you are included in he schedule. Otherwise, call ahead to book with another seamstress, giving yourself ample time to correct any altering mishaps.

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