Wedding Decor

It’s nearly Springtime brides! If you’re a June bride or later it’s time to start thinking about your wedding decor! We hunted down the top four wedding decor trends for 2017 and here they are.

Number one is : Paper decor. Give us a moment here – you may be thinking paper? That’s cheap and not classy but wait, it can be! Paper decorations can range from table toppers to flowers. They can be less expensive than actual flowers depending on how many and how intricate you want your paper wedding decor.

Check out the Paper Source for sales and deals on paper decorations.

Number two is Greenery and Rustic wedding decor. You may not be a “rustic” bride but you can still use these touches to your advantage. Guests will love a clean, nature feel with decorative greens mixed in with flowers. You don’t have to use a barn door but sometimes a well placed lantern or piece of drift wood looks elegant and jazzes up a regular old space.


We love a simple sprig of greenery for a spring or summer wedding. It can even be something as simple as put on a plate!

Number three on our list are hanging and tall wedding decor. These can range from chandeliers to giant center pieces. They are also perfect for a summer or outdoor wedding since they can make a big statement!

The hanging wedding decor can also incorporate the greenery theme from before.


Finally, number four on our list of trending wedding decor is color! The all white wedding is out and you are free to use color to whatever advantage you want. You may pick a few colors that compliment each other or two diverse opposites! We love this lavender and pink color scheme.

The colors are bold and beautiful making the room pop. You can also incorporate light color into your reception hall as shown above. The tall wall lights illuminate the space for a cozy, romantic atmosphere.

A Casual Affair

A Casual Affair

A Casual Affair

Maybe you’re not very traditional. Perhaps you don’t have a lot of money to contribute to your wedding. Or, maybe you just want a low-key, intimate affair to celebrate your big day. Whatever your reason may be, opting for a less “stuffy” method of celebrating sounds mighty appealing to some.

Make sure to tell your guests that you are opting for a more subdued approach and less “pomp and circumstance.” Surely, you don’t want your guests to overdress or misinterpret your style. Setting the tone is muy importante in regards such as invitations, décor, and even the setting.

The look and language of your invitations is typically the indication of the formality of these events. For example, engraved invitations speak to elegant and traditional-type weddings. While, casual weddings may utilize handmade papers, textured ribbons, snazzy monograms, etc. Less fancy and more unique.

A Casual AffairStyle My Corntoss

If you want to get married in a forest preserve overlooking a lake, a Vera Wang princess blush ballgown is probably not the best option. If you can imagine bean bag toss, Frisbee tossing, and a general laid-back backyard feel to your day, then you might want to dress accordingly.

A Casual AffairWish Lantern

Wedding stylists and planners will often suggest their clients close their eyes and tell them exactly how it looks, feels, smells, etc on their big day. If you envision Chinese lanterns swaying in the wind under a starry sky and a buffet of homemade foods and desserts, then this is your best option. If you imagine a country club adorned with ice sculptures, white glove service, and displays of shellfish…this is definitely not your cup of tea.

A Casual AffairImagine That Wedding

Setting the table in a communal farm table is a really nice way to get everyone mingling and blissfully enjoy an unstructured reception dinner. Displaying and serving in-season fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and rustic loaves of bread are simple ways to make this a casually-elegant day. Think finger foods and comfort foods. They are big crowd pleasers and are very minimalist in presentation and palette.

Just remember, your wedding is not an all-night event, note that your caterers or band may slap you with some giant fees if you go over on time. This is meant to be an easy-going evening not to be interpreted as a rave or frat party.

Fourth of July Wedding

Fourth of July Wedding

Fourth of July Wedding

The Fourth of July not only celebrates our great nation’s independence, but it also marks the middle of summer for so many Americans. For those of us who endured the “Polar Vortex” that midpoint is arriving all too soon. But as anyone knows, no matter what your locale, The Fourth really is all about quintessential summer fun, perfect weather, and of course long weekends. We know so many couples use this time to share their special day with guests, but here are just a few other great reasons why this holiday is a perfect time to say “I do.”

Fourth Of July WeddingSimply Stunning Nashville

It has it’s own color scheme! Nothing is more patriotic and brightly colored than that American flag. Carrying through that theme alone with flag food pics and miniature flags lining the lawn, and also scattered in planters just screams festive. The primary color scheme is bold enough that white linens and chairs and very minimal décor is almost essential, saving so many time and money on florals and over-fussy tablescapes. Pairing the red, white, and blue with lush white hydrangea ( perfect for July!) and oversized white roses takes the entire affair to an elegant and timeless place. Adding lanterns with large pillar candles is also a great, Americana way to focus attention on the main theme.

Fourth of July WeddingA Bryan Photography

Sparklers! We all love that classic black and white shot of the Bride and Groom leaving the reception with throngs of guests lining their path with sparklers. The illuminating effect is so beautiful that they often make the best shots of the night. But for the Fourth of July, that already requires sparklers as a tradition, it ties right into the whole wedding vibe and are readily available. Not only that, but they are a super affordable addition!

Fourth of July WeddingSaskia Paulussen Photography

Hello, Fireworks! This one is a no-brainer. While other couples getting married pretty much any other weekend are spending a small fortune for a custom fireworks show, yours is on the house. Whether the venue already has their own or you are close to a municipality that provides one, it’s pretty much impossible to miss the sky light show that night.

Golf Themed Wedding

Golf Themed Wedding

Golf Themed Wedding

Do your parents belong to the local country club? If so, you might be able to reap some major benefits on your bottom line and extras if you book your big day there. Some country clubs offer discounts for members and can really give you a bang for your buck.

Most country clubs have golf courses included on the premises. Why not include that theme into your wedding day? From argyle socks to golf ball décor, you can never go wrong with this uber preppy style!

Here are a few ways to incorporate golfing into your theme:

1) The Attire

I wouldn’t suggest the bride do too much to immerse her look in the golfing theme; however, the guys are fair game. From argyle socks to golf ball inspired cuff links, these are just a few ways to incorporate the look and feel of the game.

Golf Themed WeddingBy Krista Campbell

2) The cake

Petite golf ball cakes or mini doughnut balls are a cute way to pay homage to the game. If you don’t want it to be your main wedding cake, suggest to your sweetie a “groom’s cake” to have a little more fun with your theme.

Golf Themed Weddingvia Cake Central

3) Grand Entrance / Exit

You can’t forget the golf cart! This could be a unique way to bring the bride to the ceremony spot. Not crazy about that idea? What about your getaway vehicle? The wedding party can decorate the cart in a fun fashion as your private mobile post ceremony.

Golf Themed Wedding

Todd Pellowe Photography

4) The Décor

Your décor can sprinkle in as much golf-y goodness, from “here comes the bride” flags that mimic the flags on the course, prints inspired by golf wear, to the wedding favors. Colors to think about incorporating into your palette are bold reds, yellow, green, and even navy blue. Pew bows could have small round white flower balls attached to them or use golf flags on each pew. The bridal bouquet should be all white to resemble a golf ball. Use indoor/outdoor grass/carpeting as an isle runner. Keep a supply of mini-pencils handy for your guests to send you their best wishes in your guest book. Attach tees to your unity candle to complement the links feel as you seal your wedding vows for now and for always. However, if your wedding is actually taking place on a golf course, consider sealing your vows with a shot for the hole together!

Golf Themed WeddingVia Favor Ideas

5) Program

Ever think of putting a little twist on your wedding program? Your program can mimic a golf score card. Little details like this keep your theme consistent while having a little fun.

Golf Themed WeddingVia Oh So Beautiful Paper

Pinterest Pins Of The Week

Pinterest Pins Of The Week

A Touch of Gold: We have been seeing this trend for awhile now. Wedding décor accents literally dipped in gold- vases, mason jars, even paper halfway “dipped” in gold paint or cleverly spray painted to mimic dipping. Since metallics have really become a new neutral with lots of couples even mixing silver and gold or trying new looks like gold flatware on tables, we think this new trend opens up the door for lots of metallic accents sprinkled throughout your wedding day without committing to an all over gold or silver theme. It adds a slight romanticism to your palette and also can take a traditional look to a new level of modern. With this pin, we love the DIY accessibility and the idea of using wine bottles as candle holders. No one would ever see these as used bottles since they have been completely redone in a stunning and formal gold color. The idea of multiple bottles adds to the monochromatic vibe which makes the look even more of a statement. Thrifty and super chic!

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Groomsmen gifts: As much as us Brides struggles on what to give your besties, we can only imagine how hard it is for guys ( most of who hate to shop!) to come up with a cool, practical and also sentimental gift for his best guys. These monogrammed leather dopp kits are the perfect solution. They are timeless, classic, and commemorates the occasion with a monogram that is personal and totally functional.

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Found on Etsy

Aisle Photos:  This idea is an absolute new favorite for personalizing your wedding ceremony. It’s almost like a movie montage of you and your Groom’s lives happening as you walk down the aisle. Fixing photos of both of you from childhood to present day not only is an adorable way to incorporate and carry through a photo theme on your big day, but it also literally represents your journey. It’s adorable and perfectly acknowledges the reason you are there and can be a great way to keep your guests involved. People love a good photo collection!

Pinterest Pins of the Week

Photo by Pasha Belman

How To Get Keep Your Dance Floor Packed

“It’s really important to us to have a lot of dancing at our wedding. Is there any guidance you can give us?”

– Ashley / Wedding Date: 8.18.12

We received the above question from Ashley this week and she poses a common concern among couples getting married: What can we do to ensure a great reception?  Below are a few guidelines to help create an atmosphere conducive to dancing.

While elements like lighting and décor do play a role in creating atmosphere, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the music.  The tone for the evening really begins during dinner, before the dance floor ever opens. Your DJ should not “auto play” dinner music and sit down to eat with your guests. A good DJ is vested in “actively programming” your dinner music in a way that energizes your guests. Based on your input, your DJ should play music based on beats per minute, i.e. slower songs at the beginning of dinner and gradually increase the tempo and volume into dessert. The goal is to get your guests tapping their feet, bobbing their heads, and itching to get out on the dance floor. We want to energize your guests early in the night.

As for the rest of the evening, be sure to communicate your music tastes, must play songs, do-not-play songs, and your stance on guest requests during the planning stage. By setting guidelines, your DJ will know what requests to take and which ones to avoid. Instead of trying to select “wedding music”, you should focus your attention on selecting songs and genres that you really like. If you are not sure what you like, try to pick songs you know that your friends or family enjoy. In our experience, when the bride and groom and the bridal party are out on the dance floor, that energy resonates with the rest of the crowd. Remember, your guests are all there to celebrate with you.

A good DJ will be able to evaluate your crowd and “dial in” the music that resonates with you and your guests. It is important to communicate with your DJ and be very specific about the atmosphere you expect. In addition, provide your DJ with a solid list of true Must Plays with an accompanying list of notes like: “We especially enjoy 80’s new wave” or “we love current dance music” or even “we like country and rap”. Giving these types of notes allows your DJ to exercise some creativity and select songs that are complementary to your must play list. On the other hand, if you do not have any specific requests and are not really sure what you want, be sure to communicate that with your DJ.

A great way to get reluctant dancers involved is to include song dedications. “This song is dedicated to cousin, Mike.” Mike may have been sitting in his chair all night, until he heard “Teach Me How to Dougie” ,at which point, he sprung out on to the dance floor and a circle formed around him as he performed the “Dougie” to perfection. Dedications also work well for slow songs. Do you have anyone celebrating an anniversary on or around your wedding date? Find out ahead of time what their first dance song was and have the DJ make a special dedication.

Your DJ’s objective is to keep the dance floor full and, at the same time, satisfying the guidelines you have provided. Therefore, communication is paramount when planning your reception. If you take the time to plan your night and set realistic expectations, you and your guests are sure to have a memorable evening.