10 iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

10 iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

10 iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

You have an app for that. Technology has allowed us to have planning tools at the tip of our fingers nowadays. Gone are the bulky binders containing all your vendor contracts, to-do lists, and other important items for your wedding day. Through the use of apps, you can keep everything all in one easy to reach spot- your Smartphone.

Disclaimer: Not all phones are capable of using these programs. All suggestions are compatible for iPhones only.

Drum roll please, we present to you the top 10 iPhone Apps for Planning the Perfect Wedding, in no particular order:

1) Wedding 911 by The Knot – Get advice from other bride-to-be’s emergencies, questions, issues, and other debacles. – FREE

2) iwedding deluxe – The priciest of our picks, is on sale now! You can get organized, get a to-do list by planning month, upload guest list information, and much more. – $5.99

3) BRIDES Wedding Genius 2.0 – Browse wedding gowns, wedding rings, explore honeymoon destinations, and other important to-do items for your nuptials. – FREE

4) Wedding Bridal Binder – Designed by a celebrity wedding planner, this “bridal binder” replaces that bulky folder we mentioned earlier chock full of your contracts and other important day-of information. From blogs to tips and to-do lists, we feel for the minimal price this a good contender. – $2.99

5) Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot – While The Knot has take the approach of splitting up some of their focus on different apps, this one looks only at your wedding attire. Browse wedding dress designers, silhouettes, fabric choices, and more. – FREE

6) Wedding Scan – With the Wedding Scan instead of using different stores scanners, you are not limited to just two or three big box stores when you register. Since your iPhone goes with you everywhere, so does the ability of this app to scan all bar-codes. – $2.99

7) Destinations Weddings and Honeymoons – Starting to dream of your luxe vacation with your sweetie? Get some ideas specifically for your honeymoon or destination wedding with the help of this app. – FREE

8) Crate & Barrel Wedding and Gift Registry – A lot of couples choose to register with Crate & Barrel. They make the process very easy and even assist you with your thank you notes after the shower and wedding are over! How cool is that? – FREE

10 iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning

9) Prepare to Wed – With Prepare to Wed you can browse venues, choose vendors and read their biographies, as well as to-do lists and other features. We give this an A. – FREE

10) The Ultimate Wedding Planner by The Knot – We’re not trying to be biased, but this is the Big Kahuna of all apps, and it’s FREE! This comprehensive app does it all. Download it today to see what the buzz is about. – FREE

Grab one of all of these apps to help make your life a little more manageable. Then you can exclaim “they lived happily ever after!”

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