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2020 Wedding Dress Trends

Before you begin your wedding dress shopping process for your 2020 wedding, take a look at the 2020 wedding dress trends for the year. Bring photos with you to make your shopping easier. These trends will give you a vision to inspire your wedding day attire. Here are five 2020 wedding dress trends to look for as you go shopping.

Trend #1- Bows, Bows, & More Bows

Bows are not just for little girls anymore! They are back for bridal, and in a big way. These bridal bows come large or small and in many fabrics too! Bows can be the straps on a gown, on the back of the gown, or on the front. Either way, you cannot choose wrong with a bow gown.

Trend #2- Plunging Necklines

Plunging necklines do not need to make grandma nervous anymore! This new trend is done in a tasteful way. It doesn’t make you nervous about slipping out anymore either! The support and beauty of the designs are purposefully placed to be supportive, yet sexy.

Trend #3- Pockets

We think this trend should never go away and should be in all outfits ever! Who doesn’t love pockets? Women’s clothing designers, take note: women need pockets! Pockets in a wedding dress are perfect for tissues & mints to ensure you’re wedding day ready!

Trend #4- Detachable Trains & Overskirts

We love a good bustle! But, if you are not a fan of taking up some of your wedding day timeline to have your bridesmaids or loved ones bustling your gown, never fear! This year’s trend of a detachable train or overskirt is exactly what you need. Rock your beautiful flowing train for pictures, then take it off for your night of dancing at your reception.

Trend #5- Straight Across Necklines

This classic is a classic for a reason! This neckline is timeless, feminine, and flattering especially for taller brides. You cannot choose wrong with this timeless option. If you want to embrace some elegant, Audrey Hepburn vibes, here’s how you do it!

Did you use these trends to find your 2020 wedding dress? We want to hear from you! Comment below, or send your 2020 wedding photos (with vendor credits) to! We’d love to share your story. For more wedding planning tips and tricks, check out the suggested blog posts below! Happy wedding planning!

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  1. Bordie
    Bordie says:

    can you please tell me how much does the 2nd one cost? I tried their website (pronovias) but except book an appointment I didn’t see any pricing, please let me know if you have any idea about the pricing

    • haleigh
      haleigh says:

      Hi Bordie, unfortunately designers do not post the price to their gowns on their websites, but you can research bridal shops who carry their gowns and then find out the price by calling them. Best wishes!

    • haleigh
      haleigh says:

      Aspects of each dress are able to be tailored to any body type. The best way to find out which style looks best on your body type is by trying the dresses on. You’re sure to find a gown you look, and feel, beautiful in with these details! Happy shopping!

  2. Mollah Basar
    Mollah Basar says:

    I want to say about wedding dress trends 2022.
    There are many wedding dress trends that we predict will be popular in 2022. One popular trend will be dresses with sleeves. We think that more and more brides will want to add a little bit of coverage to their wedding dress and sleeves are the perfect way to do that. Another trend that we think will be popular is two-piece wedding dresses. We think that more brides will want to show off their figure with a two-piece dress that includes a crop top or a skirt with a slit. We also think that bolder colors will be popular in 2022. We think that more brides will want to stray away from the traditional white dress and instead opt for a dress in a color that they love. Whatever trends end up being popular in 2022, we think that the most important thing is that you choose a dress that you feel confident and beautiful in!


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