3 Ways to Organize Your Wedding Inspiration

As you plan your wedding, you are surrounded by inspiration: wedding magazines, dress brochures, color swatches. To keep from getting overwhelmed (or forgetting a great idea), you need a way to organize your ideas and plans. Here are a few possibilities.

An Old Fashioned Folder or Notebook

As you flip through magazines and browse websites, you can collect pictures or passages that inspire you. You can then organize these ideas in a folder or notebook. You may want to divide the ideas into categories: dress ideas, cake ideas, décor ideas, ceremony ideas, etc. As you make decisions, you can create a section that showcases your choices. This will help you remember what decisions you’ve made and will make future decisions easier.

An Inspiration Board

For some people, a folder or notebook is too overwhelming. They don’t like to flip through endless pages of ideas. Instead, they prefer to see everything at once. If you are one of these people, an inspiration board may be for you. You can clip and print photos and passages that inspire you and pin them on a giant corkboard. You could also revisit your school days and use poster board and glue to create an inspiration board.

A Virtual Inspiration Board

If stacks of paper stress you out and you get most of your ideas from websites instead of magazines, you should consider an online inspiration board such as Pinterest. This website allows you to “pin” ideas from any website to a virtual inspiration board. You can also follow friends and businesses for more inspiration. A virtual inspiration board is easy to share with vendors or bridesmaids. Plus, it is clutter-free.

Whether you are a paper lover or technology-fiend, you can organize your ideas in a way that is fun and useful. Don’t be afraid to dream big and take risks. After all, you only get married once.


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