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Let’s face it: we live in a very visual world. Nevermind Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and the like, there’s a new graphic suite ready to delight brides and wedding planners alike called 3D Event Designer.   Imagine this, you have a digitally conceptualized 3D model of your reception space and are able to manipulate tables, linens, chairs, flowers, votives, and just about any other decorative item you can think of to build your dream room. Even for the creatively challenged, the idea is genius and super fun to play with for all of industry folks trying to come up with new and exciting ways to set up for an event.

It also starts with a great space. Venues can literally send in their dimensions and features ( with photos, no less) and the group over at 3D will create a model for them to use over and over again for all of their clients.  And when it comes to communicating your ideas between your planner, on-site workers, florists, set-up crew and just about anyone else involved, this new gem leaves no stone unturned and every last detail addressed in a perfectly packaged model. It can be emailed as a PDF and is insanely addicting when it comes to playing around with ideas for the big day.

And the folks over at 3D Event Designer know that not everyone is a graphic designer, hence making the site ultra user friendly. You can upload plans to Facebook, log in to make changes that can easily be sent to multiple people and even send them a request for a custom item design (think custom pieces that are hard to find or ultra premium linens and designs.)  Although they are updating their inventory of digital items almost weekly, the cost ranges from about $5-10 per custom item – a steal when you consider the perks of being able to see the actual set up before the wedding!

And who doesn’t love sharing their wedding vision with their friends? Part of the joys of planning a wedding, is including others in the process. We love how this product celebrates technology’s role in today’s wedding planning and also reminds us how fun planning the biggest day of your life can be! So jump on over to 3D Event Designer today and sign up for a free webinar to see what your wedding or next event can look like. It’s perfect for all of you planners and venue folks! We can’t wait to see what you dream up!

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