4 Table Décor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Most brides know that the tables need centerpieces. This can be as extravagant as large floral arrangements or as simple as votive candles. However, what most brides don’t know is that a few more personal touches to your table can take your reception from nice to memorable.  Here are just a few ideas.

Spice Up Those Napkins

Many brides put a lot of thought into the color and material of their linens, but they don’t always think about the little ways to jazz up those linens. One option is to create custom napkins or purchase napkin holders that match your theme. For instance, a fall wedding could use napkin holders with acorns. Another option is to place a fresh flower or herb on each napkin. Not only is this beautiful, but it will make the room smell delicious.

Add Another Layer

Usually, when you choose your linens you pick a table cloth, a napkin, and a chair cover and bow. However, you can add another layer. You can use fun fabrics as an overlay to add more personality to your tables. For instance, a rustic wedding could use burlap overlays, or a colorful wedding could use hot pink overlays. One important thing to consider is the shape of your tables. Round tables should typically have round overlays, and rectangular tables should have rectangular overlays. (FYI: Reese Witherspoon recently used burlap to over her tables at her 2011 wedding. She had a beautiful, rustic wedding.)

Make It Sparkle

Small crystals make any centerpiece instantly glamorous.  Simply sprinkle crystals on the table to add an elegant, romantic flare. Best of all, crystals can help fill up space on large tables without adding more flowers or candles. You can use clear or colored crystals.

Forget the Numbers

Most venues supply table numbers. They are usually bold, black numbers on plain white paper on a metal holder or folded on the table. Unique table names can make your reception more personal and memorable. Some possibilities include names of locations you and your fiancé have traveled together or names of your favorite songs. Also, get creative with the holders. For instance, you could use wine corks or antique picture frames.

The important thing to remember is that you have a whole table to decorate. Don’t forget about the little details such as the linens or table numbers. Also, always try to personalize. Look for ways to include items or themes that are important to you and your fiancé. These are the details that will make your wedding unique.  4 Table Décor Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests.

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