5 Tips for Planning a Bachelor Party

As the best man or groomsmen, you have a huge responsibility: planning the bachelor party. The bachelor party is considered the last night of freedom because it is traditionally held the night before the wedding. However, today, the bachelor party is more about celebrating your relationship with groom and the adventure he is about to take. Here are a few tips for planning one of the most exciting nights (or days) of the groom’s life.

Be Picky About the Date

Traditionally, the bachelor party was the night before the wedding, but this is less common today. While it is okay to do a little celebrating before the big day, you don’t everyone to be tired and hung over the day of the wedding. You also have to consider the dates of other wedding events such the shower and rehearsal dinner. Be sure to check the date with the bride and groom, and don’t be afraid of planning it a few weeks or more before the wedding.

Think Outside the Box

On TV, the bachelor typically consists of drinking and half naked girls. This doesn’t have to be the case, unless it is what the groom wants. There are plenty of fun activities and cool places to host a bachelor party. Don’t be afraid to do something unusual. Those are usually the best parties.

Always Remember the Groom

The bachelor is all about the groom. If he has special requests, try to accommodate them. If he says he absolutely does not want to go to a strip club, respect that. Also, consider his interests and dreams. Is there something he’s always wanted to do but has never had the chance? Does he have a hobby that would be a fun activity? The goal is to plan an event that will be fun and memorable for the groom.

Don’t Forget to Talk about Money

You need to have the money talk with the groom, groomsmen and potentially the guests as soon as possible. You don’t want anyone to be surprised the day of. Discuss who is responsible for paying for what as well as how much everyone is comfortable spending. When you plan the bachelor party, be sure to keep the budget and payment arrangement in mind.

Have Fun

No matter what, have fun. Plans don’t always work out, but a bachelor party is what you make of it. If you want it to be a night to remember, make it one. Now, go celebrate the groom!

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