5 Unusual Places to Find a Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns can range in cost from several hundred to several thousand dollars. While some brides have no problem spending a lot of money on a dress, other brides don’t have the funds or desire to buy an expensive gown. For those brides on a budget, there are options that can save you money. Here are five unusual places you can find a wedding dress.


Online stores are a great place to find deals. Prices are often lower because it costs the business less money to operate. You can also find used dresses online. A good place to begin your search is Ebay. There you can find both new and used gowns.

Thrift Stores and Consignment Shops

Since bridal gowns are only worn once, they are typically in good shape after the wedding day. It will require some searching, but you might be able to find a pretty dress at a thrift store or consignment shop. To make it your own, you can add embellishments and make alternations.

Dry Cleaners

Most dry cleaners have a rack of items that were never picked up. To purchase, you typically have to pay the cleaning cost, which is usually $8-$20. Occasionally, brides will take their dress to get cleaned but forget to pick it up.

Friends and Family

Most relatives and close friends would be more than happy to let you wear their dress. After all, it is simply sitting in a closet or attic anyway. This is a great way to honor someone who is important to you. If they are willing to let you, you can add embellishments or make alternations to make the dress your own.

Department Stores

Most brides turn to bridal stores to shop for their dress, but who says you have to wear a “bridal” gown. You can find beautiful dresses in normal clothing stores. If you want to spruce up a simple dress, you can add embellishments.

We’d love to know, would you ever consider purchasing your wedding dress from one of these unusual places?

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