6 Wedding Shots to Add to Your Photo List

There are the traditional shots that are a must on your list, but why not spice up the day and add some fun wedding shots to your photo shoot. These poses are sure to create memories that will last a lifetime.

The Not So Serious Sexy Pose

We love the slightly sexy bridal poses that are trendy right now, but we also love a bride (and groom) who can have a good laugh. Involve the groomsmen in a not-so-serious sexy pose and you will have a picture that will keep you laughing for years to come.

The Morning of Photos

There will be plenty of pictures of how you and your pretty ladies looked on the big day, but don’t forget about what you looked like the morning of. Make these pictures fun by purchasing matching robes for your bridesmaids, and don’t be afraid to take some candid shots without your hair and make-up done. (Gasp!)

The After the Wedding Shot

You and your new hubby will create just as many memories after the wedding as you will at the ceremony and reception. Why not capture some of those precious moments on film?

Michael Segal Photography

The Just for Him Shots

Every groom is dying to know what is under that beautiful gown you are wearing. Let me remember that image forever with some sexy, yet classy, just for him photos.

The Boys Will be Boys Photos

While the girls are spending the day being pampered, the guys are spending the day goofing off. Let them have their fun, but be sure to capture it all on film.

The Before the Wedding Pictures

You don’t have to let the groom see you before the wedding to get some priceless photos together. Blind fold him for a pre-wedding kiss, or let a door separate you while you exchange some pre-wedding words.

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  1. Dan
    Dan says:

    5th Ask to see the images from the wedding (start to finish).
    Other locations such as churches or halls that can be rented
    often request a monetary donation or to apply for a certificate.
    Your pictures will mark the start of your family album
    and cannot be re-done’.


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