A Ballroom Wedding

A Ballroom Wedding

Have you dreamed about a fairy tale wedding since you were young? A ballroom wedding is probably the exact wedding venue you’ve imagined. Especially after the last few years of smaller weddings, we expect a big return to large celebrations, perfect for a ballroom! If you’re looking for a wedding fit for a queen, here some ballroom wedding elements sure to wow!

Wedding Flowers

When planning such a formal wedding you want to think tall and grand when it comes to just about everything, but especially flowers. The grand centerpieces really help fill a large room. Tall centerpieces also add an extra touch of formality to any wedding. You can also add a beautiful floral arch at the entryway to the reception venue for some extra beauty.

Tall Centerpiece

Photography: Amy Arrington Photography, Flowers: Mollie Cushing

Ballgown Wedding Dress

While brides can wear any wedding dress they love in a ballroom, a ballgown is obviously the most popular option. That being said, if a ballgown isn’t for you, think formal and grand! Your jewelry and accessories can definitely help with this too! Think sparkly, statement pieces sure to catch the light in a ballroom. You can even add a sparkling tiara or comb in your hair to feel like a royal bride!

Wedding Cake and Desserts

When weddings are in a ballroom, often the wedding cake or desserts are the centerpiece for the room. Because of this, it’s important your wedding dessert makes a statement. The taller or larger your cake is, the better. Another option is to have an eye catching dessert or champagne display that is both functional and beautiful. Though usually the last meal of the night, it is often the highlight for guests and newlyweds alike, so think big!

Wedding Guest Attire

A ballroom wedding definitely needs a formal or black tie wedding formality.  This is the perfect formality when your bridal/groom attire is also very formal. It is also fun for your guests to get to dress up. If you are planning large group photos it is always good to communicate the dress code clearly in advance so no one is uncomfortable or sticks out in your photos.

For more wedding planning tips and inspiration check out the Chicago Wedding Blog posts below! Happy planning, and don’t forget to tag us in your wedding photos! We can’t wait to see your ballroom inspired wedding photos!

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