Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversary Gift Guide

Anniversary Gift Guide – Summer is the pinnacle of wedding season, that’s for sure. And if you’re anything like us, you have your rotating wedding guest attire on high speed and high frequency at the dry cleaners.  And with so many new and fun wedding to go to, we can’t help but daydream about weddings past and think of special ways to wish our dear friends and family a Happy Anniversary! And if you were ever a bride or groom of summer then you know it’s time to get the facts on what to give for each Anniversary. We compiled a list of traditional anniversary items with some clever and modern updates for our eager gift seekers!  We have you covered for at least the next 10 years of celebrations! Check it out!

Year 1- Paper
Gift idea: plane tickets, first edition copy of classic literature, art print

ticketsYear 2 – Cotton
Gift idea: cashmere scarf, monogrammed robe


Year 3 – Leather
Gift idea: wallet, handbag, overnight travel case


Year 4 – Fruit or Flowers
Gift idea: landscaping installation, trip to a vineyard


Year 5 – Wood
Gift idea: Furniture piece, lacquer storage box



Year 6 – Candy or Iron
Gift idea: golf clubs, favorite childhood candy



Year 7 – Wool or Copper
Gift idea: This is where things get a little tricky, but be creative! Not every year has to be a huge, expensive gift. Sometimes a little homage to the traditional gift is good enough! For copper, we like a cool set of Moscow Mule mugs with a fun date night in to make some super fun cocktails with friends!

[pinit]moscow mule

Year 8 – Bronze or Pottery
Gift idea: bronze statue or paperweight, lamp, large potted planter



Year 9 – Pottery and Willow

Gift idea: Come on! You’ve come this far! This would be a good chance to add to the potted planters for your yard or front of your house. Or for the super literal, try planting a willow tree that will grow for years to come!


willow tree

Year 10 – Tin or Aluminum

Gift idea: We say take a modern approach and upgrade tin to fine jewelry! 10 years is a huge milestone and definitely the time for a ring upgrade or an extra band of bling to add to our wedding band set. A good time for diamond stud earrings or a gorgeous bracelet! Make it something timeless that you can wear everyday!



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