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No Makeup Wedding

Have you ever thought about going sans makeup on your wedding day? To most brides, this is a terrifying thought. We have tips on how to achieve a “no makeup wedding day” look if you can’t bear the thought of going completely without! Especially if your wedding day is in the summer and don’t want all that product dripping down your face – even if all those products say they are sweat proof.

Wedding Checklist

You’ve taken the engagement pictures and announced to everyone you’re getting married! Now, comes the planning part. A Wedding checklist can be very helpful. So what type of list are we talking about? That depends on how far out you are from the date.

Adding Texture

This week we’re talking about adding texture to your wedding! What does that mean? Texture can entail layering different texts, materials over each other or other details like flowers, inks or dyes. First, we look at your invitations. Adding texture to that stationary gives it a more personal vibe. Are you going for trendy? Add […]