Beyond Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

One of the most challenging aspects of planning your wedding is deciding on the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Narrowing down the list of your friends and family members is no small feat and before you know it, your dream of a small, intimate wedding has turned into a major production. Fear not. There are a lot of creative and meaningful ways to involve your loved ones in your wedding without making them all attendants.

1. Ushers: If there are extra men that you’d like to incorporate into the wedding in addition to the groomsmen, consider asking them to be ushers. Ushers are responsible for seating guests at the wedding ceremony. This is a task that can be handled by the groomsmen, but if you want to involve an additional 2-4 men in your wedding, this is a great way to do it. Ushers can opt to wear the same tuxes as the bridal party or wear their own suits.

2. Guestbook Attendant: Station 1-2 individuals at the guestbook table before the wedding ceremony and reception to encourage guests to sign. These individuals typically dress in their own attire but usually try to coordinate with the wedding colors and are distinguished with a corsage or boutonniere.

3. Program Attendants: Assign 2-3 people the task of passing out programs before the wedding ceremony. These individuals should greet guests as they arrive to the ceremony site and give them a program as they enter. They also typically wear their own attire, but try to coordinate with the wedding colors or wear an outfit that you suggest (i.e. little black dress).

4. Reader: A great way to involve loved ones in the actual wedding ceremony is to ask them to read a meaningful Biblical verse or favorite poem during the nuptials.

5. Musical Number: If you have a friend or family member who is a great singer or musician, invite them to perform a special song during the wedding or reception. Some great moments to consider including a special musical number include your walk down the aisle, lighting of the unity candle, communion/prayer, exiting the church, or first dance.

6. Candle Lighters: In Christian ceremonies, it’s customary to have children (typically between the ages of 10-13) light the candles on the altar immediately before the ceremony begins. Reception Lighting Ideas

7. Junior Bridesmaids/Groomsmen: If you have a loved one between the ages of 9-16 that you’d like to participate in the wedding, you can consider asking them to be a junior bridesmaid or groomsmen. These individuals are typically a part of all the wedding festivities and wear a more youthful version of the bridesmaid/groomsmen attire. You can opt to have them walk down the aisle along with your other attendants and either stand beside you or be seated in the first couple of rows. Great Groomsmen Video by REM

8. Officiant: You may want to make the wedding ceremony incredibly personal by asking a friend or family member to officiate the nuptials. If you have a loved one who is an ordained minister, judge, or captain, they would make a great choice. Although these days, for under $100, anyone can be ordained online and legally oversee a wedding.

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