Biggest Wedding Trends 2013

Biggest Wedding Trends 2013. Time flew really fast and now we have reached the end of the current year and soon enough a new year will start, but before that let’s take a look first at the biggeset wedding trends 2013.

Everything starts with a romantic proposal presenting diamonds rings that were known as girls best friends! Wedding preparation will soon follow like shopping for wedding bands wherein a majority of couples still pick wedding bands together. White gold rings and Tungsten for grooms were the top picks. Church wedding are still famous and Las Vegas was the #1 choice for destination wedding. As time flies, taste in colors also changes. Couples now go for the non-traditional hot new shades. Timeless elegance was a hit with Vintage Glamour when it comes to bridal fashion and a new trend in bridesmaids fashion has been born. Everything about 2013 is truly fashionable! Looking for more information? Check out SimplyBridal’s infographic on the Biggest Wedding Trends 2013.
biggest wedding trends 2013

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