Blackboard Decor

A recent trend has been popping up in a bridal magazines everywhere — blackboard décor. This trend is perfect for environmentally concerned couples because it makes everything from table numbers to favors reusable. It is also a good idea for budget-conscious couples who want to reduce the cost of stationary. Here are a few fun ways to incorporate blackboards into your wedding day.

A Reusable Sign

Many weddings use personalized signs to direct guests to the ceremony and/or reception site. These signs are especially useful for outdoor weddings. Rather spending money on a sign that you can only use once, why not purchase a blackboard that can be used again and again? For instance, this blackboard arrow from Playing Grown Up is an adorable way to direct guests to your wedding site.

Fun Speech Bubbles

When it is all over, the only thing you will have left from your wedding, besides the priceless memories, is the photos. It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but why not add some real words to those photos? Show the camera what you are really thinking with these adorable blackboard speech bubbles. These are perfect for bridal party shots as well as unique bride and groom photos.

Reusable Table Numbers

Save a tree and use mini chalkboards to display table numbers. These elegant blackboards from HerMajestysPug Shop can be reused at other events, plus the silver border makes them sophisticated enough for a formal wedding.

Blackboard Glass Charms

People hate going to a wedding or party and losing their drink. Help your guests keep track of their drink with these adorable glass charms. They are a perfect keepsake for your wedding guests, and they ensure that Grandma doesn’t accidently pick up Cousin Joe’s Seven-and-Seven because she likes it is her Sprite.

An Old Fashioned Blackboard

Most brides spend hours typing up or writing out seating cards. They then go through the agonizing process of thinking of a cute way to display those seating cards. Save yourself the time (and help Mother Nature) by using a cute blackboard to write the seating list rather than using individual seating cards. Upon entering the reception, guests can simply check the board to find their table number. Added bonus: more room on the table for fun décor.

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