Bridal Boot Camp

Bride or not, this time of year has us all cringing at the idea of how much weight we can actually gain from all of the holiday eating. We have one major food day behind us, however, that day is just the kick off to an entire season of gluttony, over-indulging and skipping workouts. It doesn’t seem to help that the days are getting shorter and we all seem to be getting more and more tired and of course very, very busy. So let’s step away for the scale and embrace the holidays…in moderation.Bride Weight Loss

Don’t deprive yourself. Every expert and annoyingly thin celebrity will tell you that when they want to indulge ,they do. But we can’t help but imagine that those indulgences are few and far between. A good rule of thumb is to eat clean during the week so that you aren’t “ that person” standing next to a table of delicious goodies telling everyone how many points you don’t have left for the day. While the battle with temptation is sure to be a tough one, we found some fun methods for staying in shape this winter and keeping your bridal body in check.


The Bar Method: This Lakeview gem is a total body sculpting experience. The idea is to use a traditional ballet bar to gain balance and strengthen your core while building long and lean muscles. Kind of the same way ballerinas get their lean yet toned shape. Wedding Ballerina? Sounds good to us!

The Aloft Loft: If you haven’t heard of aerial exercise-Google it. It’s amazing. And the idea of circus training as exercise is almost too cool to imagine. Classes range from trapeze, silks, aerial conditioning to good old strength classes. Flying high and pretending you’re in Cirque du Soleil while getting in shape at the same time? Sounds too good to be true!


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