Bridal Party Wedding Day Agenda

Bridal Party Wedding Day Agenda

On your wedding day, organization is critical! It’s important to not assume your bridal party will remember all the details. We highly recommend you give your bridal party specific locations, times, & contact information to ensure everyone is prepared. By preparing in advance with our Chicago Wedding Blog Bridal Party Wedding Day Agenda, your bridal party will be ready to go. Then, you can relax and celebrate your wedding day knowing you were organized in advance. Here are all the important details to prepare your bridal party for your wedding day.

On page one, include important phone numbers.

We recommend assigning a designated person, who is not the bride or groom, to be the problem solver. That could include navigating any lost people and troubleshooting any issues with schedules that may arise. The most important thing is to take as many responsibilities away from the bride and groom unless they want to, or absolutely need to, solve any bumps in the road.

Even though we are in the age of smartphones, it’s still important to include locations and addresses if people are unfamiliar with the area.

There are so many details that go into your wedding day, it’s easy for people to get overwhelmed. You don’t want people to get lost. Times are also very important. Aside from the wedding day times, the bridal party should have clear getting ready times. Likely, your beauty vendor will give you a more detailed schedule, but give your bridal party a range. This is important so they can be prepared and packed for the long day ahead.

It’s important to also include bridal party photo locations.

If anyone has to make a quick stop, or if they are taking their own transportation, you don’t want them to miss important bridal party photos. Even though, likely, the bridal party will be taking photos during cocktail hour, it’s also important to include the time. Then, the bridal party can more easily plan to meet up with their families or plus-ones.

Similarly, reminding your bridal party of the reception start time will help keep the day moving. You’ll then get to avoid waiting for the bridal party as you prepare for your reception entrances. While wedding transportation back to the hotels is optional, it’s important to inform your bridal party if it is an option. If you have transportation arranged, tell them what times the transportation will be available. Be considerate that some of them may have to coordinate cars with friends or family, inform them in advance.

Download Your Bridal Party Wedding Day Agenda Here

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We hope our Bridal Party Wedding Day Agenda will make your wedding day organizing a breeze! Remember, giving more details is always better than not giving enough details. Your bridal party will appreciate the forethought and you will be grateful to have fewer mishaps. Enjoy your organized wedding day! For more wedding planning inspiration and tips, check out more Chicago Wedding Blog posts below. Happy Planning!

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