Bridal Shower Do’s and Don’ts

One of the most enjoyable and carefree responsibilities for any bride-to-be is attending the numerous bridal showers thrown in your honor. Be a delight to your friends and family by following these simple tips for bridal shower behavior…

Bridal Shower DO’s: As a bride, here are a few of your responsibilities as it pertains to the wedding shower.

DO register for gifts ahead of time to give guests the opportunity to prepare you for your new home with a registry that reflects your needs and desires.

DO register for gifts of all values to give ideas to guests of any budget.

DO provide the guest list for the bridal shower to the hostesses. Remember that all shower guests should also be invited to the wedding.

DO show up to the shower early to greet guests as they arrive.

DO give your opinion when it’s asked for, helping the hostesses with dilemmas about food, drinks, or overall theme.

DO provide information to the shower hostesses about the special needs, dietary restrictions, or allergies of guests.

DO open presents, in front of your guests, so they can see your excitement and gratitude.

DO purchase a hostess gift for the women throwing your shower to express your appreciation.

DO send thank you cards to guests and hostesses within a few days/weeks of the shower.

Bridal Shower DON’Ts: Avoid these breaches of etiquette or bad habits to ensure an enjoyable and fun day for everyone.

DON’T be bossy or demanding when it comes to your shower and dictate how the event should be organized.

DON’T invite anyone to the shower who isn’t also invited to the wedding.

DON’T add on extra guests at the last minute, especially if your hostesses are planning a sit-down meal or an event that is contingent upon the number of guests.

DON’T show up too early and interrupt the last-minute shower preparations.

DON’T show up late and leave your hostesses in an awkward position to welcome guests they may not know.

DON’T try to get out of opening your gifts in front of guests, regardless of how shy you may feel.

DON’T forget to say thanks to all of your guests and your generous hostesses for the thoughtful gesture!

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  1. Olivia Ha
    Olivia Ha says:

    Brides plan plan and plan and worry about so much details!

    I just wanted to remind brides that remember, your wedding is a celebration where it’s supposed to be very fun and memorable.

    Try and keep an uplifting spirit for your guests and yourself!

    Also to make it known that no gifts are necessary to come and celebrate with you. A lot of friends and people start to think brides are selfish during their bridal shower by demanding gifts and compiling a list of what you want.
    For those that really do wish to buy you something, what about the friends that don’t have the budget to?

    Sometimes compiling a list can give them an idea that they could make for you without spending a lot.

    As a makeup artist toronto I also would like to remind brides that you could book a trial with your makeup artist/hairstylist for your bridal shower. Often you can get feedback from your guests on how you look like that may help the artist tweak it better for your wedding day!

    Just remember, enjoy and be happy!



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