Brides and Bridesmaids: What to Wear to Look and Feel Your Best

There are more styles for brides & bridesmaids to wear on wedding days than ever before. However, this does pose some logistical challenges. Brides and bridesmaids have to coordinate necklines and skirts with figure, undergarments, dress lengths, and shoes. It is important to keep a few details in mind as you plan your bridal party’s wedding attire. Here is what you need to know, brides and bridesmaids, about what to wear to look and feel your best.



There are more fun necklines than ever! However, that makes wearing a bra with your dress a bit more challenging. When you go dress shopping, it is important to think, “How will I wear a bra with this?” or , “Would I be okay not wearing a bra with this?” The good news is some dresses can have cups added into them during wedding dress alterations. That being said, bra cups are useful so you don’t see any bra straps, but they are not made to support and lift your bust line. Brides, keep in mind even if a dress comes with cups sewn in, the dress will not support your bust line unless there is boning in the bodice. If support and lift are what you are hoping for, but boning isn’t in the picture, you still have options: bra shopping or choosing a neckline you know will look great with a bra.


Next up is your underwear. Especially if you are wearing a satin or fitted dress your underwear will be the most important element you wear to ensure you look your best. Our usual hip-hugger underwear will not work for the wedding day. This style cuts across to highlight the area we don’t want to, right under our belly button. You also want to avoid lace underwear. With many dress fabrics, the lace pattern will show through the dress. Save the cute lingerie for later, you’ll be glad you did! Your best friend is going to be skin toned, seamless, high waisted underwear like these. IF you wear seamless underwear you’ll have no unflattering line under the belly button, just a smooth and curvy figure. You will be more comfortable in your dress when you wear flattering underwear, as opposed to ones that chop your beautiful curves in horizontal lines.


You don’t want to waddle in pain all day: think cute and comfortable! The gorgeous six inch stilettos you see at the store may look amazing, but they aren’t always the best choice for a long wedding day. If you really want to wear high heeled wedding shoes, make sure you wear them in weeks before the wedding so you are not in pain on the wedding day. For both brides and bridesmaids, you want to think of height if you have a second pair of shoes for the reception. Your seamstress will alter your dresses to the height of one pair of shoes. If you wear six inch heels for the ceremony and pictures, you will trip over your dress if you wear flip flops at the reception. If you are set on wearing two pairs of shoes, choose shoes that do not have a huge height difference. Then, you will not trip on your dress at the reception or feel awkward with a dress that’s too short during the ceremony and pictures.


We all know weddings can produce a whole lot of happy tears. The best way to protect your beautiful wedding day face is to waterproof it. Let’s start with the eyes. The most important piece of planning here is waterproof eyeliner and mascara. Waterproof eye makeup will ensure you don’t spend the rest of the wedding day unhappy because you have makeup smudged, raccoon eyes. Similarly, waterproofing and solidifying your entire face is useful too. Wedding days are long days. Using a makeup setting spray is an easy way to ensure your makeup stays in place all day long. Especially if you are in an outdoor or warm weather wedding a makeup setting spray is a great way to keep the bride and bridesmaids makeup sweatproof.

Plan ahead with these great tricks. If you do, we know you and your bridal party look and feel your best! Happy Planning! For more wedding planning tips and inspiration check out more Chicago Wedding Blog posts below.