Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gift Ideas

Wondering what to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen as a unique and thoughtful bridal party gift? We’ve got your covered!

While traditionally a bridesmaid or groomsman gift is meant to simply be a token of appreciation to show your close pals and family how much their support and friendship have meant during this critical time before the wedding, some couples opt for gifts ranging from modest and personal, to lavish and much more outside the box. Some are even choosing to forgo the standard cufflinks (still always a great choice), necklaces or matching bridesmaid shoes for experiences or getaways.

That means spa weekends for the gals and sporting events or nights on the town for the guys.  Whatever you decide to do, taking the time to treat your bridal party is a great way to say a thoughtful thank you to those closest to you.  And should you choose one of the old standby gifts, (no harm in that…they call them standbys for a reason) consider adding a monogram or personalization to those items like stationary, clutches, or ties for the boys! And remember, there’s nothing classier than a grateful couple!

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