Bridesmaids: Duty Calls

Bridesmaids are more than just a group of color-coordinated accessories to fill out your wedding photos. The ladies you choose to stand beside you on your special day are, in a way, your support team for the big event. Here are a few ways to utilize (without abusing) your bridesmaids:

Dress Duty: When it comes to selecting your wedding dress, never underestimate the importance of having a second (and third and fourth) opinion. Inviting your pals to tag along with you for bridal gown shopping is not only a fun way to spend time together, it’s a great way to ensure that you pick the absolute perfect dress. Your gown isn’t the only one that should receive their input. Ask your bridesmaids to help you pick out the dresses they’ll be wearing on the big day as well. By having their help, you’ll not only guarantee to find a dress that looks great on your girls, you’ll make them incredibly happy in the process by letting them don a gown that they actually like.

Invitation Addressing: If you’re opting out of hiring a calligrapher, but still prefer that invitations be addressed by hand, you’re definitely going to need some assistance, particularly if you have a lengthy guest list. Recruit some of your bridesmaids (the ones with the best penmanship, naturally) to join you for an afternoon or evening of invitation addressing. Make it a fun gathering by providing a champagne brunch or desserts and coffee. Also, don’t forget the thank you cards.

Bridal Shower: There’s no hard and fast rule that states your bridesmaids have to throw your bridal shower (a close friend or relative is an acceptable substitute), but chances are the ladies you choose to be your wedding attendants will also participate in the festivities. You shouldn’t ask (and definitely don’t demand) that your bridesmaids throw you a shower, but if/when they decide to, simply be grateful and show up!

Out-of-Town Guest Hosting: Regardless of how organized you are, there are always going to be last-minute tasks demanding your attention in the days leading up to the wedding, limiting your time. Rely on your bridesmaids, if needed, to help welcome or host out-of-town guests. These tasks can range from hosting guests in their home for the wedding weekend to simply transporting them to/from the airport.

Pre-Wedding Particulars: Feel free to recruit individual ladies to assist on tasks they’d be particularly good at. If you’ve got a friend who is a floral whiz, invite her to tag along during your meeting with the florist. If another pal is art savvy, ask for her help with the invitations. There are tons of small tasks that need your time and attention, so why not have a trusty friend to help you navigate through them?

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