Butterfly Themed Wedding

Many couples want a “theme” for their wedding. This overarching idea brings unity to the day and offers insight into the couple’s personalities and dreams. A wedding theme can be broad, such as country or vintage, or it can be specific, such as hummingbirds. One popular theme is butterflies, which symbolize transformation.

About the Butterfly

The butterfly is a fascinating creature. It starts out as a tiny caterpillar. Then it hibernates in a little cocoon. In the end, a beautiful butterfly emerges. A variety of cultures and religions believe the butterfly is a symbol of new beginnings and transformation. This tiny insect shows that life is about leaving behind one stage to emerge into a more beautiful stage. This concept is exactly what a wedding is. The couple starts the day as individuals, but by the end, they emerge a united couple.

Incorporating the Butterfly into Your Wedding

A butterfly theme offers endless possibilities. You can choose to subtly incorporate butterflies into the day as a way to represent your new beginning, or you can have a full-blown butterfly theme. Whether you use one or all of these ideas, here are some ways to incorporate butterflies into your wedding day.

  • Stationary – You can get invitations, thank you cards, and seating cards with a butterfly design.
  • Favors – There are a variety of favor possibilities ranging from butterfly picture frames to butterfly key chains to butterfly wine corks. If you want to use candy, you can find or make bags or boxes with a butterfly design.
  • Cake – If you search google or yahoo, there are plenty of butterfly themed cakes. You can choose a subtle design with a few scattered butterflies or you can choose an elaborate design such butterflies wrapping all around the entire cake.
  • Accessories – Accessories are an easy way to incorporate a symbol without it overpowering. Some ideas are jewelry with a butterfly emblem or shoes with a butterfly jewel.
  • Butterfly Release – Instead of throwing rose petals or blowing bubbles, some couples have guests release butterflies as they exit the ceremony.
  • Music – You can choose butterfly themed songs such as “Butterfly Kisses” by Bob Carlisle.

Do you have other ideas for butterfly themed weddings? We would love to hear your feedback.

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