Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Bridesmaid Boxes.  Choosing your attendants is an exciting and important task.  Selecting the people who will stand with you on your wedding day is a big deal.  While many brides ask as they share their engagement news with friends and family, we love the idea of planfully asking your bridesmaids the-oh-so-important question. “Will you be my bridesmaid?” boxes are both simple and special.  And with easy DIY instructions, they’re achievable for even the most craft challenged bride!

Ditch the Jacket.  With spring weather at our fingertips, we’re thinking about outdoor weddings, and we can’t help but love groom’s decision to ditch the traditional jacket.  While a plain or patterned button up would also look great, we love his decision to don a cardigan and bowtie, both with great color.  Weddings are all about personality, and we love that this groom is showing off his!

First Kiss, without the First Look.  Couples everywhere are challenging the idea of not having contact the day of the wedding.  We’ve heard of couples doing just about everything under the sun, from sticking to the traditional not seeing each other, to the intimate first look pictures.  We’ve always been a bit torn between the two options, so we can’t help but swoon over this perfect combination of seeing each other, but not seeing each other.  It allows for fun pictures and a quick moment together, while still preserving the sense of magic that happens when the bride first starts down the aisle.  This blindfold might just be the way to go!


Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Carolina Herrera’s brilliance is no secret; celebrities having been loving her for years, faithfully wearing her gowns to premieres and red carpet events.  But celebrities step aside, it’s the brides turn!  We love the simple elegance of the wedding dress below; perfect for a Chicago bride.  We love that the look can go so many ways, depending on hair, makeup, and accessories.  What better palette to start with than Carolina Herrera?


We love a good outdoor wedding ceremony, as nature has a special way of highlighting a couple’s love, and this circular arrangement took our breath away. We love that the set up incorporates the traditional aisle runner and beautiful outdoor altar, and the arrangement of the chairs just adds that extra ounce of majesty. How incredible to see a couple surrounded by friends and family, literally circled in their love!

Source: via MusicByDesign on Pinterest

Feathers are making a big comeback, and we love the touch of whimsy and elegance they add to a celebration.  We particularly love peacock feathers, as their vibrant hues add something special.  The peacock boutonnière is simple, yet it makes a statement.  We love that it stands alone and says so much.  And considering how much of the wedding budget floral can take up, this is a great option to reduce the cost of floral!

Pinterest: Pins of the Week


This trend has been all the rage on the runways, and we’re loving that it’s making its way into wedding world.  There are lots of possibilities for incorporating ombre (i.e. bridesmaids’ dresses, floral, table linens), but this cake has to be one of our favorites!  If you’re not big on the hearts, you could stick with circles for a simpler look.


We’ve blogged about our love for BHLDN before, but this dress caught us by surprise.  The sleeves, the delicate floral, the cinched waist, we love it all!  And the color, we can’t think of a better alternative to white.  And if you’re a Chicago bride who has fallen in love with BHLDN, you’re in luck!  Because their second brick and mortar store just opened in the beautiful Windy City.  Read more about the store’s opening here.


We’re always looking for a fun way to add personality into weddings, and these suspenders are the perfect solution for the groom and/or groomsman who want to add a little something extra.  The gingham adds just a touch of playfulness and would be a fun surprise under the most formal of tuxes.  If the multicolored is a bit much for your taste, stick with a classic black and white pattern.  And for another sweet surprise, snag a pair for the fathers of the bride and groom!



Pinterest: Pins of the Week

Pins of the Week
Last week, we posted about our obsession with Pinterest!  We love it so much that we’ve spent the past week scouring the site for some fabulous and creative wedding ideas.  We’ve decided to share three of our favorite “pins” each week.  Let the pinning begin!

 Celebration Signs
We spotted these cheery signs from a pin via Style Me Pretty.  We are big fans of the reception exit, and these are a fun yet simple twist on the tradition.  This is also perfect for indoor spaces or venues that don’t allow sparklers!

Don’t get us wrong, we love a classic black tux, but this groom’s choice for gray had us doing a double take.  Just a shade off of the normal, it stands out and gives the wedding a unique and slightly relaxed feel.  We think gray will be huge for the men this spring, and frankly, we can’t wait!  Image via Ruffled

Vintage Inspired Garters
Brides have been following the tradition of garters for years, and these Emily Riggs Bridal vintage inspired garters take the tradition to a new level.  Hand selected crystal buttons on French imported lace…what’s not to love?  We have a feeling brides might think twice about having this tossed among a group of rowdy bachelors!