Ceremony Music Overview

More than likely your reception will be full of musical moments, but why not incorporate some sweet melodies into your wedding ceremony? As you’re planning the big day, here are a few ways to incorporate fun, traditional, or romantic music into the ceremony:

Processional: The processional is the most obvious time of the ceremony for a musical overture, but you don’t have to rely on the traditional Wedding March or Canon in D. Instead, opt for an instrumental version of your favorite love song or pay homage to your heritage by selecting a traditional wedding song from another nation. An easy way to breathe life into traditional wedding marches is to hire a live band or musician to perform the music live.

Unity Candle/Communion: If you’re planning on lighting a unity candle (or any variation of it) or taking communion during your wedding ceremony, it’s the perfect time for a musical performance. It removes any silent awkwardness while you’re performing your tasks, enhances the mood, and gives your guests something to focus on. While an instrumental selection is appropriate, this is a great opportunity to incorporate a more contemporary or meaningful song into your ceremony. Ask a musically gifted friend or loved one to sing a tune that’s significant to you and your fiancé or appropriate for the moment.

Paying Tribute: If you’d like to honor the memory of a deceased loved one, particularly a parent, sibling, or grandparent, music is a beautiful way to pay tribute. Hire a performer or ask a friend/relative to sing a song that represents the late loved one or was particularly meaningful to them.

Vows: If you or your fiancé is a gifted singer or musician, performing a song during the ceremony is a romantic and moving way to express your love and devotion. This can really be done at any time during the ceremony but shortly before or after the vows is a poignant moment, just be sure you can keep the emotion in check and get through the song without sobbing.

Recessional: Add a little personality to your ceremony and steer clear of the traditional music for your recessional from the church. Instead, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate with an upbeat, quirky, or romantic musical selection. You’re officially husband and wife! Exit the ceremony on a high note.

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