Chalk It Up – Wedding Tips

Chalkboards can be a creative and unique way to add fun and whimsy to your wedding ceremony or reception. The inexpensive décor has a variety of practical uses that can be classy, rustic, or charming. Here are a few clever ways to use chalkboards on your big day:

1. Welcome Sign: Welcome and direct guests to your wedding or reception with a cute chalkboard sign boasting your names, wedding date, and/or directional arrows.

2. Seat Assignments: Instead of individual place cards with seating assignments for guests, why not utilize a giant chalkboard to direct them to their seats? Draw a detailed map of the reception hall or write out a list of guests with corresponding table numbers and display it at the entry on an easel or hanging on the wall. Or, if you prefer individual place cards, create them on mini chalkboards and hang along ribbon or clothesline or adhere mini stakes to the back to stand them up for guests to peruse.

3. Photo Props: Chalkboards are a great prop for photos for both you and your wedding guests. If you’re having a photo booth during your reception, provide chalkboards (as well as hats, boas, fake mustaches, or a variety of other props) for guests to write funny or meaningful messages for their shoot. Chalkboards in classy or colorful frames make a great prop for your formal wedding photos as well; ask an artistic friend to help out by writing words or sayings (such as “Mr.” and “Mrs.” or “Happily Ever After” or “Just Married”) that you and your new spouse can model in your pics.

4. Food Place cards or Menu: Label food options, available drinks, and dessert offerings with mini chalkboards, serving as place cards. Display them along food tables in frames or on tiny easels. Or, write out the entire cocktail or dinner menu on a large chalkboard displayed near the buffet or at the entry of the reception hall.

5. Table Numbers: Use chalkboards to identify each table at your reception with a clever or artistic drawing of numbers.

6. Children’s Entertainment: If you’re planning for a large number of children at your reception, keep them entertained by providing mini chalkboards at their table or in a kids’ gift bag. Depending on the location and setup of your reception venue, consider setting up a children’s area with larger chalkboards for the kids to draw on.

7. Favors: Unconventional chalkboard options can be a creative option for wedding favors. Coat the outside of candleholders or coffee mugs with chalkboard paint for a fun, customizable gift.

Save money by creating your own unique chalkboards. Purchase frames in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes at a local home goods store or thrift shop and apply a layer of chalkboard paint to the back panel for an instant chalkboard that’s chic, stylish, and completely original.

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