Choreographed Wedding Dances

Clearly we love wedding music.  Many wedding experts will tell you: “ When in doubt, stick to the basics; good food, good drinks, good music.”  Whether you are on a tight budget or throwing the bash of the century, staged or choreographed dances can show up at either type of occasion. We are breaking down some of the in’s and outs of all kinds of planned dances for weddings and we will leave it to you to decide if any of them are usable for your big day. Here’s how it goes:

Flashmobs: These group gathering dances became extremely popular as YouTube showed all kinds of meet ups where dancing spontaneously occurred.  We love this approach for a proposal!  You can catch several different varieties online where the big question is popped after a surprise dance to a favorite song breaks out and ends on one knee.  We have also seen this done during a wedding speech where the bride and groom are surprised by planned audience participation, whether in song or in dance. This could be the perfect way to surprise guests with you own version at your wedding by sending emails with dance moves or instructions and getting some of your guests involved. The difficulty level is high but the pay off could be huge. We still say unless you are a seasoned dance pro who likes coordinating thrones of people, it’s better kept small!

The first dance:  We have seen plenty of brides and grooms who surprise their guests by breaking it down big time during their first dance. It goes a little something like this: They start with a lackluster version of “Moon River” and break into a down and dirty version of “Sexy Back.” While this is super fun and allows you to play up both of your personalities, it’s not your only option when it comes to planning a dance. We adore couples who think ahead and call up a dance studio such as Fred Astaire Dance to learn a super fun, yet traditional dance to a memorable song. It doesn’t have to be a perfect waltz, but certainly could be Dancing With the Stars worthy.

Wedding Party Dance: This may be the best way to go when it comes to planning a group dance. Too many people can become complicated and usually a wedding party between 8 and 14 people is perfect for this approach. Liven it up with props like hats and sunglasses for an unexpected theatrical element and don’t forget to include the guys and much as the girls. Sometimes guests are even more surprised to see the boys let it all out on the dance floor. Just make sure to do it early in the night before too much drinking ensues. These dances also tend to make for a nervous bunch of novice dancers so go ahead and get it out of the way so everyone can enjoy and bask in their post-performance glory!

So where do you stand on choreographed dances? We still think there’s a place for them at some pretty amazing weddings! Or maybe you know of a new dance trend? We would love to hear it!

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