Customer Feedback

Event Date: Saturday, August 13, 2011
Event Location: Embassy Suites Downtown-Lakefront
Event Type: Wedding
Event Staff: Joe

Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Superior
Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Superior
Quality of Customer Service at Event: Superior
Overall Customer Service: Superior
Friendliness of Your DJ: Superior
Promptness of Your DJ: Superior
Professionalism of Your DJ: Superior
Appearance of DJ: Superior
Sound Quality: Superior
Overall Volume Levels: Superior
Music Selection: Superior
Incorporation of Your Requests: Superior
Lighting Effects: Superior
Equipment Appearance: Superior
Planning Assistance: Superior
DJ's Cooperation With Other Vendors: Superior
Value for Cost: Superior
Overall Performance Rating: Superior

Is there anything specific we can improve on?

Nothing at all... Joe was amazing!  We would request him personally again!

Additional comments or suggestions?

Joe was fabulous.  He read the crowd so well.  
If there was a song that came on in which several people 
wondered off of the dance floor, Joe quickly switched it and had 
them turn right back round laughing and smiling!  
It was amazing... Everyone was dancing all night... 
our dance floor even began to separate by the end of the night
(I've never seen that before).

Would you recommend our service to others? Yes
May we share your comments with others? Yes
May we add you to our list of references? Yes

Name: Marie A. Terhune
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