Customer Feedback

Event Date: Saturday, May 22, 2010

Event Location: Metropolis Ballroom

Event Type: Wedding

Event Staff: Jeff
Quality of Customer Service via Telephone: Superior

Quality of Customer Service via Internet: Superior

Quality of Customer Service at Event: Superior

Overall Customer Service: Superior

Friendliness of Your DJ: Superior

Promptness of Your DJ: Superior

Professionalism of Your DJ: Superior

Appearance of DJ: Superior

Sound Quality: Superior

Overall Volume Levels: Superior

Music Selection: Superior

Incorporation of Your Requests: Superior

Lighting Effects: Superior

Equipment Appearance: Superior

Planning Assistance: Superior

DJ’s Cooperation With Other Vendors: Superior

Value for Cost: Superior

Overall Performance Rating: Superior
Is there anything specific we can improve on?
nothing! everything was perfect!
Additional comments or suggestions?
We are so happy to have worked with Music By Design.

Your company and staff were so helpful and easy to work with. Thank you!

– Sarah Gritsonis

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