Deciding on a Destination Wedding

One of the first—and most important—decisions you need to make about your wedding is where to hold it. There are a number of factors that weigh into this decision including your budget, guest list, location of friends and family, and residence of the bride and groom. A destination wedding gives you the opportunity to hold your nuptials anywhere in the world, but is it right for you? Here are a few factors to consider…

Dream Locale: The most appealing benefit of a destination wedding is that it affords you the opportunity to have the celebration in a location of your dreams. Whether you’ve always envisioned your wedding ceremony along a romantic beach, in a boisterous city, amid a foreign countryside, or atop a snow-capped mountain, your wish can come true. You can literally choose any place, near or far, for your upcoming nuptials.

Intimate Ceremony: If you secretly long for a small, intimate gathering, a destination wedding is definitely the way to go. Due to costly travel expenses and time off work, you can expect only the closest and most committed of your friends and family to make the trip. However, one thing to consider: if you come from a particularly wealthy family or circle of friends, you may garner more interest than most brides anticipate when planning a destination wedding. Don’t extend an invitation to someone that you don’t wish to attend your ceremony in the hopes that they’ll RSVP no.

Budget Concerns: A destination wedding can prove to be a costly alternative to a lavish and large hometown affair. However, the cost for a destination wedding can add up rather quickly. Depending on the location, length of stay, and whether or not you’ll be paying for any guests’ accommodations, the bill can tally up faster than you expect. Carefully plan out a budget and check on pricing before making a firm decision. Also, be sure to research any additional (hidden) fees associated with the wedding ceremony. Some resorts or locales have strict requirements on conducting wedding ceremonies that come with a hefty price tag. Wedding Budget

Friends/Family’s Feelings: One thing that’s especially important to consider, especially if you or your fiancé come from a large extended family, is how a destination wedding will impact your loved ones. Yes, this is your wedding day, but it’s also important to your friends and families too. Before deciding on a destination wedding, consider whether or not it will severely hurt the feelings of those you love. If you decide that a destination wedding is your dream, consider the possibility of hosting a small hometown reception after the honeymoon for anyone who was unable to make the trek to the wedding.

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