DIY Photo Backdrop

Setting up a mini photo shoot for your wedding guests is a great way to keep friends entertained, capture hilarious moments, and create a fun wedding memento. Many wedding photographers have begun offering photo stations as part of their packages, but in the event that they don’t or it’s simply too expensive, here are a few tips for creating your own photo op at your wedding, engagement party, or bridal shower.

First things first, you’ll need some sort of backdrop. If your wedding or shower happens to be at a fab location with interestingly textured walls or breathtaking scenery, simply rope off a section that can be designated for mini photo shoots. If not, all you need is a photo backdrop (rentable from most camera or party stores) or some funky fabric that can be draped in front of the wall.

Once you’ve got your backdrop in place, you’ll want to provide your guests with plenty of props. These can be as classy or goofy as you want. The key is to offer an abundance of choices so that each photo is unique instead of looking like carbon copies. Some elegant ideas include empty frames, mini chalkboards, masquerade masks, or homemade signs. Couples hoping for hilarity can stock prop boxes with fake mustaches, silly hats, feather boas, oversized glasses, superhero costumes, and fill-in-the-blank thought bubbles made with dry-erase material or chalkboards.

Next, you’ll need a photographer or camera in place to capture the sweet and comical moments of the night. If you’ve got a photographically-gifted friend, ask them to set up shop, or position the camera with a tripod and allow guests to snap their own pics. To ensure quality snapshots, ask your photographer about the cost for hiring an assistant or intern to man the booth all night. If your event will be lasting well into the evening, make sure the photo station has ample lighting.

Create a lasting memento by having the best photos printed and put into an album, or order a printed photo book online with all of the shots. Let guests take home their favorite prints as well by setting up a photo printer at the event, or displaying proofs on an online gallery.

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