Engagement Party Basics

You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now, let’s celebrate. The engagement party, while not an absolutely necessity by any means, is a fun and relaxed way to kick off the wedding planning festivities early. Here’s a quick overview on the engagement party essentials…

Who: Traditionally, the bride’s family is responsible for hosting the engagement party, but every couple is different. It’s completely acceptable to have a party hosted by the groom’s family or a group of close pals. Or, if you prefer, host your own party in your home and invite friends to celebrate your good fortune with you.

What: The engagement party itself can be anything you want it to be, from a classy, lavish soiree to a backyard BBQ. Essentially, it’s just an opportunity to celebrate the news with the people you love so the theme can be as elegant or laid-back as you want.

When: The engagement party is the first official event of the wedding and traditionally happens shortly after you and your fiancé get engaged. There’s no set rule on how quickly a party should be hosted after the question is popped, but it’s typical for the celebration to be held in the first few weeks or months. This can vary depending on how long the engagement is slated to last. The important thing is that the engagement party is a separate celebration, not scheduled too close to the actual wedding.

Where: Determining a location for the engagement party is entirely up to you, or the party’s hosts. Some couples opt for their own home, or the home of a family member, while others go all out and rent out a hall or outside locale for the festivities. Just like the wedding, the party can be held anywhere you like.

Why: The main point of an engagement party is simply to celebrate that you two lovebirds are engaged. Gifts shouldn’t be expected, but don’t be surprised if some guests decide to bring one along. Registry information shouldn’t be included on the engagement party invites, but it isn’t a bad idea to already have your registry completed (or at least started) by the time the party rolls around to give guests some direction on gift purchasing should they choose to buy one.

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