Ensuring Great Photos

Ensuring Great Photos

Ensuring Great Photos. The photographs from your wedding day are ones that you will cherish for life, looking over them and sharing them countless times, so don’t you want to make sure they are some of the best photos you’ve ever taken? If you follow these tips below, you’ll have photo you will love to re-visit over and over again.

Be Well Rested  The week before your wedding can be busy and full of last minute details to take care of, but sleep is a very  important factor in looking your best in wedding photographs. Lack of sleep can show up as bags under your eyes, tired posture and dull skin. While it’s true that photographers can fix some of these problems in Photoshop, it is best to come to your wedding day with your best face forward…literally! Sleep will not only help you look good, but also feel great. Setting a sleep schedule the week before your wedding and sticking to it will ensure you are well rested on your big day.


Hire a Professional Hair and Makeup Person  For some this may feel like an unnecessary splurge, but hiring professionals can make a world of difference in the final photos. Hair and makeup people know the products to use that will last all day and show up the best in all lighting situations. If you want to look and feel like a celebrity on your wedding day, this is an investment worth taking.

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Hire a Photographer That Makes You Feel Comfortable  Having a professional that you are comfortable with behind the camera may be the most important factor. When booking a photographer, you should meet with them at least once and see how the chemistry is between you. Asking for a reference or two may be a good idea as well so you can speak with people that have worked with the photographer on their wedding day. The photographer will be with you the most during your day, so this is a person you want to feel good around and someone that can bring the best out of you.


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Think Happy Thoughts and Be Yourself  Stay focused on what the day is all about and be in the moment. If you are authentic and allow those feelings of bliss, happiness and joy to permeate your being, that will show up on your photographs. And when you look back at these images years later, you will remember exactly how you felt on your special day.


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