Father of the Bride Wedding Speech

The following is an actual speech from the father of  the bride for a wedding on April 16th, 2011. This speech is an excellent example for a wedding speech. It incorporates both humor and sincerity and was very uplifting for the bride and groom. The delivery was perfect and length was just right. All names were changed and a few were omitted to ensure privacy.

While my wedding day is still the happiest day of my life, this comes pretty close! Donna and I both welcome and thank all of you for helping us celebrate today.  We have the making for one great party.

It took a lot of time from a lot of people to pull this thing off.  I want to thank everyone for all their hard work, support and planning the events leading up to to today.  Most importantly, I want to thank the parents of the groom for their son, Zack.  I never thought it was possible that anyone could love my little girl as much as I do.  I couldn’t have hand picked a better son in law.  Zack- you really raised the bar for the rest of my kids.

It really didn’t hit home that Natalie and Zack were getting married until yesterday when I was finishing our taxes.  While everyone knows I’m not losing a daughter, I’m gaining a son, nobody ever mentions the tax deduction. All you people out there who can’t wait to see the father of the bride brought to tears; well, you’re a day late! (this wedding was on April 16th – one day after the April 15th tax deadline).

Natalie and Zack, my hope is that you experience the same joy that Mom and I have had for the past 32 years.  My marriage advice to you is don’t listen to any advice; listen to each other.  Working out differences is how you grow stronger together.  At least that’s how its worked for us.  If that doesn’t work, there’s always “yes dear”.  Of course, that’s not going to stop me from giving advice from time to time.  After all, I am going to be a father in-law.

Finally, while I’m sure you are disappointed with the rain, don’t be. I truly believe they are tears of joy from above from those who could not be with us today. But they are here in spirit joining all of us wishing you both the very best. (The father of the bride referenced a couple of family members who recently passed.)

Natalie and Zack, mom and I love you both and can’t wait for those grandchildren!”

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