Favorable Centerpieces

Buying centerpieces for the wedding reception can put a serious dent in your budget, while personalized favors can do the same. Why not combine the two? Make favors serve double duty as the table centerpieces. Here are some classy and creative ways to turn favors into beautiful arrangements:

1. Candles: Offer guests a practical memento from the wedding with personalized or stamped glass candle holders. Arrange a variety of sizes and shapes across tables to create a beautiful, elegant ambiance during the reception.

2. Potted plants: Small potted plants or flowers are a gift that keeps on giving. When arranged artfully, the plants can make a lush and gorgeous centerpiece that will garnish guests’ homes for months or years to come.

3. Boxed gifts: Provide guests with tasty treats, carefully housed in matching boxes adorned with ribbons or flowers. Stack the boxes in tiers to create a clever collection on each table.

4. Fruits/Veggies: Add charm to a rustic wedding with baskets of fresh fruit or vegetables on each table. Adorn baskets with ribbons or bows in wedding colors or pick food in complementary colors.

5. Paper cones: Homemade paper cones are not only cost effective, they ‘re also adorable, creative, and colorful. Use scrapbook paper or craft paper to create cones to hold flowers or candy and position them upright in a tray in the middle of each table for guests to admire and enjoy.

6. Flowers: Create individual flower bouquets for guests to take home. Tie together small bundles of flowers with string or ribbon and arrange them together in a giant vase or in several smaller glass bottles or containers.

7. Trees: Give a starter tree to guests at your wedding to signify the continued growth of your love and marriage. Combine the seedlings in the center of the table for a rustic and charming centerpiece.

8. Themed Gift: Lump together a collection of seasonal/themed favors to wow guests. Anything from jars of jam to gingerbread cookies to ornaments will suffice as an appropriate favor and beautiful showpiece.

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