Finding a Helping Hand

The fun you can have when planning a wedding is endless, but unfortunately the flip side is also true. For the times when you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, there’s often only one thing you can do: ask for help.

Your Mom

Mom knows best, right? And whether it’s your own mother, your mom-in-law-to-be, or another mom-like figure in your life, they usually know you well enough to at least calm you down. Call them up, have a coffee date, and vent about your wedding woes. You might just be surprised with their problem solving skills and motherly wisdom.

Your Best Friend

A best friend is often more than ready to get their hands dirty in helping you solve all your wedding problems. And a solution to your problem comes in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a chick flick with a pint of ice cream or a helping hand on those wedding favors and wedding invitations. No matter what you do, your best friend is the person with whom to have a laugh and tackle those challenges head on.

Your Fiancé

Not every guy will understand the extent of your wedding worries, but a long hug, dinner date, and good conversation might be just the key. Reaching for help from your fiancé can help you remember what your wedding’s all about: the start of your marriage. Your problem may still be a problem, but hopefully you’ll realize it’s not worth the worry you were wasting on it.

Your Vendor

This may be a surprising choice for help. But the truth is, most wedding vendors, whether it’s a venue manager or your chicago wedding DJ, has been through hundreds of weddings. They know every problem and have seen every solution. That personal connection may not be as strong as your mom, best friend or fiancé, but some problems simply need a little advice from a seasoned professional. Don’t be afraid to spill your guts and ask for help.

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