Four Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Weddings can be expensive, but they don’t have to be. There are plenty of fun, easy ways to save money.  Here are just a few suggestions.

Close the Bar for an Hour

One of the most expensive parts of the reception is the bar. Most couples want to offer an open bar or at least well-stocked bar, but there are ways to save money without compromising quality. One way to do this is to close the bar for an hour. You could close the bar during dinner since most guests don’t get up for a drink while dinner is being served, or you can close the bar early at the end of the night. This will give people time to sober up before they leave. Another option is to do a combination of the option above. You could close the bar for a half hour during dinner and a half hour before the reception ends.

Shop on eBay

Surprisingly, eBay is an excellent place to shop for wedding day supplies. You can buy everything from invitations to favors to a cake knife. Don’t worry. You don’t have to buy someone else’s leftover wedding goodies, unless you want to. Many of the sellers are online wedding shops that create unique products for you.

Rethink Your Cake

Instead of buying an expensive wedding cake, consider buying smaller cakes from a local bakery. You can display the cakes on cute cake holders. Best of all, you can offer your guests a variety of flavors. Want to increase your savings? Use fun cakes and holders as centerpieces on your table instead of flowers.

Take Another Look at the Calendar

Most weddings take place on Saturdays. Therefore, venues and vendors will charge higher prices for Saturday weekends. To save money, consider another day of the week; Thursday, Friday, or Sunday are good options.

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