Groomsmen at Work

When it comes to getting assistance from your bridal party, chances are that the bridesmaids are pulling more weight than the groomsmen. The ladies are the ones you go to for advice on the dress, help with the flowers, and input on the centerpieces. The men, on the other hand, usually manage to skirt by doing little more than throwing a wild bachelor party. If you’re looking for extra help or ways to get the groomsmen more involved in the wedding planning, here are a few simple tasks to send their way…

Heavy Lifting: There are always going to be things that need to be lifted, moved, hauled, carried, or set up. Put your guys to work helping with the set-up and teardown of some of the wedding events. Whether you need a tent assembled for the engagement party, tables moved around for the rehearsal dinner, or chairs set up for ceremony, don’t be afraid to ask the groomsmen to put in a few hours of manual labor to save the expense of hiring workers.

Transportation: Out-of-town guests and family members will need to be driven to and from the airport, carted around between wedding events, and often taken to run last-minute errands. Employ your trustiest groomsmen to serve as chauffeurs for out-of-towners.

Ushering: Save yourself the hassle of finding a few good men to serve as ushers and have the groomsmen pull double-duty on your big day. The guys should be waiting in the foyer of the ceremony site to usher guests to their seats (and to the proper side of the church or hall).

Tux Selection: It’s obviously the guys’ responsibility to be fitted for their tuxes, but, assuming you trust their taste, they can also help out with the tux selection. Let the men have a day out together to shop for suits and tuxedos and help the groom choose an appropriate style for the wedding.

Bachelor Party: Of course the main objective of most groomsmen and the bestman is to plan an unforgettable bachelor party, so this task shouldn’t take any arm-twisting. With that said, it’s important that the groomsmen know it’s their responsibility and that they understand the wishes, desires, and schedule of the groom when planning.

Crowd Control: The groomsmen can be extremely helpful with managing the crowd of wedding guests at the ceremony and reception. Entrust the guys with the task of helping a milling crowd filter out of the church in a timely manner or ensuring that everyone finds their appropriate seats at the reception. The groomsmen can also help gather the guests together for the send-off after the service or reception.

Beyond Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

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