Holiday Survival Singles

singles picHoliday Survival Singles

If you’ve been to a wedding in the last 2 years, there’s no doubt that at some point in the night ( most likely the part where the bride throws the bouquet) you have heard the new anthem for all single women , “Single Ladies”. And while we are totally sure that Beyonce had a more empowering message in mind, the song has become almost a mockery for girls without dates or better yet, no prospects while witnessing 2 other people find true, eternal love.  That’s what we love about the new photo circulating the web that gives a real depiction about what it’s like to always be the “single lady” and not the bride- especially around the holidays.

It’s the annual girls night out Holiday edition and what do you know- 3 of the gals are newly engaged! YAY! ( sigh). But for the friend counting how many weddings she will be asked to next summer, adding up the cost of bridesmaid dresses, and stopping off to pick up the token bottle of bubbly for yet another girl who had a ring put on it, it takes a toll. So when this girl posed for the special occasion, she let us all know how she really felt.

But don’t feel sorry for her yet. It’s not all about being single. For many, it’s like we said- it becomes very costly when all of your friends are getting married, especially when you are just starting out and barely making enough to cover your own living expenses. We have talked to several twenty-somethings who told us that each summer, they have to ask their parents for some extra cash just to make it through the slough of hotels, wedding gifts, and bridal shower salad spinners they must come up with just to attend. And for those standing as attendants? “Forget it” a friend recently shared. Hopefully your credit card gives you good cash back or bonus points, because you are going to need it.


So for any of you single girls who feel the same way as the funny gal in the photo? Keep in mind what a recent article also shared-Why it’s great to be single around the Holidays. No awkward first family meetings at major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, no gift buying for the special someone (huge money saver.) And the time to yourself to do what YOU want while you have the extra time off over the Holidays.  In any case, a New Year is right around the corner, time for you to start fresh with someone special or renew the you that’s pretty fabulous on your own!

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