Honeymoon Do’s & Don’ts

Your first official hurrah as husband and wife is none other than a fabulous vacation together! Your honeymoon is a great opportunity to unwind after the stress of wedding planning and celebrate your new union. Here are a few tips to make the honeymoon a success:

DO pick a destination that you’ve always wanted to visit or that holds sentimental value to you and your spouse.

DON’T go way over budget trying to plan a lavish vacation. Utilize online travel deals to find a great resort or cheap flights, allowing you the opportunity to visit a place you love without breaking the bank.

DO plan ahead, researching the Internet for interesting destinations, noteworthy restaurants & attractions, and the best possible deals.

DON’T wait to the last minute to book your flights or room. Booking earlier will allow you to secure better rates and avoid the hassle of dealing with honeymoon planning in the days before your wedding.

DO pack wisely for your destination, bringing along necessary items for both relaxation and sophistication. Think ahead and bring clothes and items needed for any outings or excursions you might participate in, like hiking, swimming, or climbing.

DON’T put off packing your suitcase. Pack at least a week in advance to spare any added stress before your nuptials and to give you time to purchase any last-minute necessities.

DO give yourself a little time to relax after the wedding rather than trying to fly out immediately after the reception.

DON’T book an early morning flight the day after the wedding. It might be a late night and you’ll appreciate the extra time to sleep in, visit with friends/family, or enjoy brunch before hitting the road.

DO celebrate your newfound marriage by booking tickets with your married name.

DON’T forget to bring along a copy of your marriage license to avoid any airport hassle.

DO try new things on your honeymoon, like outdoor activities, local attractions, or adventurous excursions.

DON’T pack your schedule too full. Leave ample amounts of time for laid-back leisure on your honeymoon, to chill out after the wedding stress and gear up for your new life together.

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