Honoring Your Heritage

When it comes to weddings, the more personalized, the better! This day is all about you and your spouse-to-be. Celebrate your love and all the things that make you unique as a couple. Pay homage to your heritage by incorporating elements influenced by your background, hometown, or ethnicity. Here are a few ways to infuse your wedding with personalized charm…

Food: A very obvious way to honor your upbringing or ancestry is through your food selection. Choose ethnic or regional fare that pays tribute to your family’s roots. The entire menu doesn’t need to be dictated by your heritage; instead, you can incorporate a traditional dessert, side dish, or beverage into the day’s festivities. Or, dedicate the cocktail hour solely to cuisine representative of your family history.

Flowers: Celebrate the place you grew up or the nation your family comes from with local flowers from that area. Shamrocks and Bells of Ireland represent the Emerald Isle, Roses are the emblem of England, Narcissus is symbolic of the new year and good fortune in China, and the Iris is that national flower of France. If you’re hoping to keep things domestic, simply choose the state flower of your home state, the state of your nuptials, or the place where your parents or in-laws grew up.

Music: Music is a great way to incorporate your cultural lineage into your nuptials. Most nationalities have their own traditional wedding march that can contribute to a truly unique bridal procession. Or, hire a band during the ceremony or cocktail hour to provide cultural background music.

Traditions: In Scotland, it’s considered good luck for men to place a sprig of white heather in their buttonholes. In France, it’s customary for guests to toss laurel and coins as the newlyweds leave the chapel. Greek customs include pinning money onto the wedding dress, while Indian brides usually wear red. Nearly every nationality has its own unique wedding customs and traditions that can be incorporated into your union for a poignant and special moment.

Favors: Send your guests away with a little token that represents your lineage. Purchase your favors from your hometown or order something online that was made in the region you’d like to represent. Candies and baked goods are excellent ideas for culturally significant favors that taste great too!

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