How to Be a Great Best Man

Standing next to your buddy on his wedding day is a great honor, and assuming the role of an even greater Best Man is probably weighing heavily on your mind. Generally speaking, grooms have it easier than brides; they just have to show up, right? Wrong. Keep the tips below in mind on your friend’s wedding day; it will make his trip to the altar much smoother.

Be the buffer. There are a number of loose ends in need of tying up on the wedding day: paying the caterer, making sure the DJ is set up, coordinating the groom’s arrival time with the bride’s, etc. Whenever possible, make sure all questions and concerns bypass the groom and go straight to you. The last thing he needs is a group of people coming at him with demands. Help him out by diffusing his stress level.

Keep track of the essentials. Little-known fact: the groom is usually responsible for the essential wedding day items. While the bride has her “something old, something new, etc.” the groom is in charge of bringing the big ticket items to the ceremony, like the wedding rings and the marriage license. Avoid a wedding catastrophe by making a list of “must haves” for the wedding day and keeping track of them. Everyone involved will thank you.

Provide a reality check. It is no secret that nerves run high in the hours before saying “I do.” If the groom is looking a little peaked, pull him aside and talk him through it. If he has stage fright, remind him that the bride is the only person he should be looking at. If he’s worried about stuttering through his vows, have him practice with you a few times to loosen up. Bottom line: keep him cool and collected until he is standing at the altar. The first sight of the bride will take him the rest of the way.

Keep the bride in mind. Yes, you are there to support your friend, but supporting your friend’s choice of mate is equally important. Be respectful of the bride by delivering her fiancé at his best. Don’t plan a wild bachelor party the night before the wedding – no one wants to see the groom hung-over. If you are running late on the wedding day, call the Maid of Honor and ask her to relay the info to the bride. A Best Man is someone who minimizes drama rather than facilitating it. Bring your A-game, let the bride and groom know they can count on you, and you’ll do just fine.

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