How to Choose Your First Dance Song

Maybe you’ve had a favorite tune between the two of you since your very first date. On the flip side, maybe you’re clueless when it comes to picking a song to dance that first dance to. Whether you can’t wait to whip out those dancing shoes or whether you’re a little dance-shy, here are some tips to choosing that special song.


Unless you’ve agreed to surprise each other, the special first dance song should be chosen together. Dig into your shared memories to find an old song you like, or pore through each other’s iTunes libraries to find something you both enjoy. No matter how you find the song, make sure you both like it!

Mood and Tempo

Even if you find a song you both love, you’ll want to evaluate both mood and tempo. Is it a sappy, old 6-minute song? Or is it fast, loud, and jarring and better saved for later in the reception? Either way, remember is it your wedding and you call the shots. One important factor to consider…the mood and tempo of your first dance will not set the tone for the rest of the reception. Choose the song you really like and a good DJ company will make it work. The DJ can change both the tempo and pitch of a song to fit the mood.


Make sure the song is something you both can easily dance to! You don’t want to be tripping over each other in an attempt to keep up the pace, nor do you want to be glued to the same spot on the dance floor, waiting for the song to pick up! It’s up to you whether you want to rehearse or not, but either way, it’s recommended you at least practice a little to make sure the song is dance-able!

Listen to the Lyrics

You might have found the perfect song with the perfect feel and pace, but have you listened to the lyrics? All too often, a song with a lovey-dovey chorus can end up being a break up song if you listen to the verses! Avoid making a similar mistake by listening to – or even reading through – the lyrics.

Get Advice from your DJ

A great DJ will already know what works and what doesn’t for first dance songs. Run your suggestions by your DJ, or if you’re still totally clueless, ask for some ideas. Since they’ll be coordinating the rest of your music, too, they will be able to find something that works wonderfully for you newlyweds and sets the tone for the rest of the evening, as well. Be sure to check the Music By Design website for first dance suggestions. In addition, here are some great ceremony music tips.

Good luck and have fun dancing!

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