How to Lose Weight Before Your Wedding

I recently saw a story on the news about women using a feeding tube diet to get in shape fast for their wedding. I was shocked that so many brides-to-be would go to such extremes. Not only is this diet inconvenient, but it doesn’t sound safe. Even if you lose weight, quick fad diets like this almost always result in regaining the pounds. Here are five tips for getting that hot body for your big day the healthy way.

Start Early

Losing weight takes time. Sorry, all those magic shakes and pills lie. Healthy, sustainable weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. For many people, losing one to two pounds a week is considered a healthy, achievable goal.

Eat Right

Unfortunately, most of us can’t lose weight while living on cheese puffs and ice cream. Not only are these foods full of empty calories, excessive sugar, and bad fats, they also lack the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to run efficiently. The body needs protein, healthy carbs, and fruits and vegetables. If you don’t know what any of those words are, rush out and buy a healthy eating cook book right now!

Pump Some Iron

Many women focus only on cardio, but strength training is essential for weight loss. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat, so adding strength training to your routine actually helps you burn more calories during the day.

Keep Up the Cardio

Cardio, think running, walking, dancing, swimming, etc., burns fat. If you only strength train, you will build sexy curves, but they will be hidden under gross fat. Aim for three to five cardio sessions for thirty to sixty minutes every week.

Think About Allergies

Food allergies cause inflammation in your body and can make you bloated. Many women are allergic to dairy or gluten and don’t know it. If you have an allergy, eliminating the culprit can help you lose weight.

We know you want to look beautiful on your wedding day and we want you to feel gorgeous as you walk down the aisle, but don’t torture your body with unhealthy diets. Healthy weight loss is possible. All you have to do is follow the tips above and start making changes to your lifestyle. You may also want to consult with a doctor or personal trainer.

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