Inspiring Wedding Favors

Wedding favors don’t have to be dull and uninspired…

Wedding favors often evoke a “been there, done that” response from wedding guests. Looking for something a little more memorable than a bag of Jordan almonds? Here are our top choices for a few inspiring guest thank-yous.

Unique Wedding Favors Ideas

Late night munchies
After dancing for hours, rolling out individual snacks like mini hamburgers with a fixings bar are a big hit. We did see a couple have Gene & Judes Hot Dogs delivered. The guests loved it.

Photo shop
Rent a photo booth and let your guests take turns posing for the camera. A photo boot guest book is a great option.

Escape the Elements
If you really want to impress, give your guests something sublimely stylish yet useful to keep them smiling through the elements: stylish sunglasses (to deflect glare), sleek umbrellas (in case of rain), or cashmere scarves (should a breeze pick up).

Personalized Thank-yous
Place small journals at each place setting, and write every guest a personal thank-you note on the front page.

Make some noise at theme weddings
Liven up the party, and hand out maracas, small horns, or even kazoos – a great idea for a theme wedding.

Gather a collection of favorite family recipes from both sides into a small recipe book or box printed with your names and wedding date.

Final Farewell
Send guests away with a final parting gift, and enlist the parking attendants to place a flower with an attached thank-you note on the dashboard of each car. If you’ll be providing guest transportation, be sure to place a basket of these favors at the front of the bus for guests to take prior to departure.

Give Back
Yes, this idea has been done – but altruism is at an all-time high, and we’re jumping on the bandwagon . Donating in the name of your guests to a charity, one that holds special meaning for the two of you, adds another sentimental personal touch to your wedding.

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