Keeping the Peace

There’s something about an engagement ring that serves as a beacon to people just dying to fill your ear with unsolicited advice. From the moment he pops the question and you accept, everyone is dying to offer their two cents on the wedding preparations and it can get more than a little annoying. Here are a few tips for keeping the peace with parents, siblings, in-laws, & relatives:

Trust Their Motives: We understand how frustrating and annoying it can be when everyone and their mother is offering suggestions on your wedding day, but realize that it’s coming from a good place.  Regardless of their methods, most people who offer you bridal advice have your best interest at heart. They’re either trying to help you make an informed decision, contributing the only way they know how, or desperately wanting to be involved in your big day. Annoying? Yes. Evil and mean? Not so much.

Get Them Involved: When those closest to you begin trying to insert themselves into the wedding planning process, it typically stems from their desire to be an active participant in your big day. Parents dream about the day their son or daughter will say ‘I do!’ and it’s important to remember this is a significant day for them as well. With that said, you can’t exactly let them run the show. Find specific tasks that you can assign to members of the family to help them feel involved. Not only will they be focused on one thing (and hopefully lighten up in other areas), it will also alleviate some of your stress as the bride.

Incorporate Their Ideas: Whenever possible, and assuming it doesn’t kill the theme or feel of your wedding, incorporate the ideas and suggestions of others. There can be great benefit in listening to the wisdom of women who have been brides before.

Be Direct: We know you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but if everyone’s unwarranted advice is pushing you full-throttle towards a nervous breakdown, you need to be honest. If a family member is overstepping their bounds in your wedding plans, you need to tell them. Be polite and courteous, thanking them for their enthusiasm and desire to help, but straightforward and firm in reminding them that this is your wedding day.

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