Wedding Color Inspiration- Orange

One of the hot wedding colors coming for 2021/2022 season is orange! Orange does not have to be for Halloween. There are so many shades of orange and coordinating colors to help you create your wedding vision. Here is some orange wedding color inspiration for the orange wedding of your dreams!

First Things First

Before choosing your orange wedding color, it helps to think of your desired wedding formality. Once you’ve determined your wedding date and venue this becomes easy. While thinking of your venue, consider colors that would coordinate with the existing structures. Once you’ve determined that, you can look at all the orange wedding color inspiration to give you lots of ideas.

Burnt Orange

Especially for this year; there are so many different colors and textures of burnt orange! We love the velvet or fluid satin additions to textures. You can incorporate the burnt orange velvet or satin by the attire or décor, as photo’d above. Burnt orange does not just have to be a fall wedding color. You can easily have a burnt orange wedding color and soften it for spring or summer by soft white flowers, or complimentary bright summer flowers.

Soft Peach Orange

Easily a spring classic with its soft hues, peach is a great way to hint at orange if you prefer gentler colors. You can bring in peach with flowers and décor or attire, as well. The nice thing about peach is a little pop makes a statement; even though it is a softer color. If you love peach, but want to have a fall or winter wedding, never fear! Peach blends beautifully with fall/winter colors such as hunter green or burgundy shades.

Bright Orange

Bright orange does not need to be for a Halloween wedding! If you love Bohemian or fun styles, bright orange is perfect for you wedding. Especially if you are going for an informal or semi-formal wedding; bright orange is a great color. Bright orange can be less formal than a peach or burnt orange. We recommend toning down the bright orange color with some light, soft flowers and décor.

Which orange wedding color is your favorite? Comment to tell us your favorite below! For more wedding planning and inspiration, check out more Chicago Wedding Blog posts below.