Organized Wedding Planning

With so many details to oversee, meetings to attend, and contracts to sign, it’s easy to become stressed out and disorganized during the wedding planning process. If you want a successful wedding, it’s imperative to stay focused and organized. Here are a few tips on how to stay on top of your wedding preparations:

Start Early: We’re not suggesting that the second he pops the question, you should grab the ring and hightail it to the nearest bridal store, nor are we implying that you should start planning your wedding before he even asks the question (although you certainly wouldn’t be the first bride to do so). What we are saying is that you need to start planning the wedding shortly after the engagement celebration ends. A lot of couples let weeks or even months pass before getting to business, which can lead to way more stress, chaos, and frustration during the planning process. Giving yourself ample time to plan your nuptials will allow you to research great deals, determine exactly the type of wedding you want, make well-informed decisions, and save yourself the anxiety of doing everything last minute.

Buy a Datebook/Organizer/Planner: There are far too many deadlines and appointments to be responsible for to expect to keep everything straight in your brain. Splurge on a nice planner where you can keep detailed notes about all wedding-related info. Specialized wedding planners come equipped with helpful checklists, timelines, and planning tips. More planning tools.

Work Together: Don’t be afraid to delegate tasks to your soon-to-be spouse. It’s totally easy to become a deranged bridezilla when all of the wedding stress is on your shoulders. Share the burden with your fiancé, as well as bridal party, and divvy up responsibilities so everything gets completed on time.

Designate Wedding Time: For the next several months, planning your wedding is going to feel like a part-time job. It often can become so distracting that it threatens your productivity at your real job (you know, the one that pays you). Set aside specific days or times throughout the week that you’ll focus solely on wedding-related tasks. When anything comes up during your non-wedding planning hours, simply make a note of it and put it aside until you’re free to focus on it.

Be Clear: The number of vendors and professionals involved in making your wedding dreams come true is astounding. To avoid any confusion or disappointment, be upfront about your expectations. Draw up a written agreement that clearly defines your desires, needs, expectations, and demands so that everyone is on the same page.

Chill Out: Planning a wedding can be the greatest or worst experience of your life depending on your attitude. Being neurotic, inflexible, and ungrateful will no doubt end in major disappointment and more than one meltdown. Having the right attitude and approach about your upcoming nuptials will make all the difference in how much you’re able to celebrate and appreciate the day. There’s nothing wrong with having a clear vision for your dream wedding, but being flexible and laid-back will make the entire process much more enjoyable for you and everyone around you.

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